Community Challenge 4: Community Connections Scavenger Hunt


@amitl True, but I’m happy with an almost-palindrome, which is arguably more interesting. :slight_smile:


Reminded me of a poem I read long time ago called “Delight in disorder”.


Well, for the Bonus Task involving rare badges, @drm186 earned the badge “Good Share” (3 times, by the way!) by, in the most recent instance, sharing a link in this post that was clicked over 300 times. He’s an Ambassador, so I don’t think he’s technically a staff member, but if I am wrong, please correct me @southpaw :slight_smile:.


Ambassadors are not staff just customers who have some knowledge and been given channels to some Republic support


Thank you to everyone who participated! Here’s our final scoreboard, taking into account @hollowWorld’s WetFeet badge and unlocked task:

I was clearly far more optimistic in budgeting for prizes than I needed to be, but we’ll just roll that budget into the December challenge, which will be a Macrodroid Automations challenge! :shushing_face: (Don’t tell anyone that leaked out!)

@hollowWorld, @AUser.Resau, @amitl, and @Burusutazu, I’ll be in touch with you by private message to arrange for your prizes. Congrats, and thanks for participating in our challenge!