Community Challenge 5: MacroDroid Automations


MacroDroid Automations Challenge: December 15-January 6

Participate for fun prizes and show us what you can do with macrodroid MacroDroid and a little creativity!

From the Google Play Store description of MacroDroid:

MacroDroid is the easiest way to automate your daily tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. Via the smart user interface MacroDroid offers a simple solution to make automated tasks on your device in just a few taps.

MacroDroid helps you by automating the activities you did manually before, and customize them in a way you want it to work for you.

We’ve seen MacroDroid used by Community members to prevent Doze mode, keep the screen lit when the grocery list is being viewed, and work around the “Ghost touch” issue that some Moto G4 users experience.

Now we want to see what you can do with MacroDroid. You don’t have to be an experienced programmer to create a MacroDroid automation, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. If you have any questions, just ask, and someone will help you!


Eligible entries must:

  • Consist of your own original content
  • Include a description of what your MacroDroid automation does
  • Include a screenshot clearly showing your Triggers, Actions and Constraints
  • Be posted in reply here between 12:00:00 am ET December 15, 2018 and 11:59:59 p.m. PT January 6, 2019.

One entry per person!
Tip: The earlier you submit, the more time your post has to accumulate “Likes”!


Community Favorites: Based on “likes” to each post, the top five MacroDroid automations will receive a prize package that includes:

  • A Republic Wireless baseball cap
  • A $20 Amazon Gift Card
  • A Ventev PowerCell 2600

Random Drawing: For the remaining entries, we’ll have a random drawing for five more winners who will receive a prize package including:

  • A $10 Google Play Store gift card
  • A Kingston Micro SD Card (8 GB, Class 10)
  • A pair of Republic Wireless touch-screen gloves

Developer’s Picks The MacroDroid developer will also be lurking (or participating) throughout this challenge and may select a few lucky participants to receive a code to upgrade to the paid version of MacroDroid.

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How do I send non-contacts straight to voice mail
:christmas_tree: Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)

Since I don’t do a lot of exotic things with my phone like others. I decided to do something simple.
My macro is for the camera to take a photo of the person who unlocks the phone. Then to send the photo by email to me:


Hi all,

I’m Jamie the developer of MacroDroid and I’m happy to be here and look over the posts from time to time. I’ll try to pop by every few days and take a look.

I have a few free pro upgrade codes to be handing out so I’ll be welcoming comments and feedback on the app as well as seeing your great macro ideas!

Also coming soon to MacroDroid is a whole new template store/library which is a big upgrade on the existing store. It will be great to get some of the macro ideas posted here uploaded to the new template store when it’s available.




For those that want to give it a-go … you might want to take a look at the existing Template Store for some inspiration.
You can view the templates after downloading the MacroDroid app from the Google Play Store.

Thanks MacroDroid & Jamie
Your prizes of upgrades will allow ‘winners’ to upload their work to the store so it can be shared with others!


Unfortunately, some of the more useful and interesting that are possible, including some of the cool templates that are available with the app, require root access. “Find my phone” is such an example. Great template, but requires root access to enable the macro to turn on/off Location. Can’t wait to see what some of the RW folks here come up with.


Looking forward to trying out MacroDroid.



If you replace the GPS action with the Set Location Mode then you can perform the same functionality on a non-rooted device (but you will need to hook up your phone to a PC/Mac to perform an ADB hack to unlock this functionality).

It is true that a few features require root access, but this is only where Android limitations mean the feature cannot be implemented any other way.


Here is my version of the Where are You macro. It requires no root as it assumes that Location is always on, and as any true RW user knows, battery saver usage is the devil.

if one of the contacts you added does ping your phone, you will see the text just like any other incoming SMS, so it is not possible for someone to get your location without you knowing.

Here are the steps to create the macro:

  1. Trigger - tap on the + to add, tap on Call/SMS, tap on SMS Received, and then Select Contacts. For SMS Content, tap on Contains and enter the phrase that will trigger the location share.

  2. Actions - tap on the + to add, tap on Location, tap on Share Location, tap on SMS for Select Output Mechanism, tap on Select Contact, and then Incoming SMS Num.

  3. Click on the + at the bottom of the screen to Add the macro. If changing the macro, you would see the check mark.


How about one that turns the flashlight on when you shake it, but only when it’s dark, and it’s not in your pocket?

How to create this automation:
Triggers -> Sensors -> Shake Device
Triggers -> Sensors -> Light Sensor -> 2.0 lux
Actions -> Device Actions -> Torch Light On/Off -> In Background -> Torch On
Constraints -> Sensors -> Proximity Sensor -> Near

You may want to fiddle with the LUX value for best effect.
(And you might want to add a way to turn it off, too. :smiley: )


I created a simple speed-dial macro for my entry. I often find myself having to call a certain person when running errands, or picking things up from a store (because heaven help me if I pick up the wrong thing!), so I created a floating button that, when pressed, calls that aforementioned someone :slight_smile:.

This has actually made my shopping trips much easier. Thank you, MacroDroid!


On my Moto X Pure, after toggling Airplane Mode off, the display screen switches from my preferred sleep after 30 minutes to the default sleep after 15 seconds (annoying!). This simple macro restores the setting to 30 minutes.


I like MacroDroid very much. Beyond using is to deal with the phones not ringing under certain circumstances I’ve just made a few for fun. One says “Eww, what is on your finger!” when a stranger taps on my fingerprint sensor and the other says “Not on the no-fly list” when a picture is taken." These really aren’t suited to this contest so that is all I’ll say. Just know that you can have some fun with it.

I’d work on something serious for this but I’m just swamped with personal issues right now.



:clap: I love this! Since switching from my Moto, I’ve missed having a gesture for the flashlight/torch. I’ve played around with a few methods but couldn’t ever quite get them to work. This inspired me to give it a try with MacroDroid and with a little customization of my own, I’ve got it like I want it.

The actions for the torch allow you to use a toggle as opposed to an implicit on/off so I went that route, but didn’t constrain it with the light or proximity sensor.


As much as I would like to use MacroDroid, I can’t get it to run this macro when locked.
Here is a macro you can use to test visually if MacroDroid is working.
Then, lock your phone, and turn it faced down. If the flashlight turns on or off, then it’s working when locked.
I have a Republic Wireless Moto X4. I figure MacroDroid should work with all Republic phones.
Am I doing something wrong?


Probably the Battery Optimization setting, make sure that MacroDroid is not optimized.


I gave it a try on my X Pure, and it works fine. From screenshot it’s not possible to tell if both the Category and the app are both turned on (very top under the :dots: and on the Macro itself)
ETA: Thanks to @haptown for the correct hint, I had forgot all about battery optimization … it has been turned off from day one when I first started playing with MacroDroid. His fix should get you going


The triggers are disabled when the screen is off by default (to conserve battery). If you go to the main MacroDroid screen and tap settings you can scroll to Trigger Options, then select the trigger and enable/disable whether a specific trigger works with the screen off.


Thank you beng, this setting was what allowed my macro to work!


My automation mimics the notification LED that was present on the early, lower-cost Moto phones. When an SMS is received or a call is missed, the phone flashes the camera flash LED once and then waits 5 seconds. It repeats this loop until the notification is swiped away or the battery gets lower than 20%.


The Shake to Toggle Torch is quite usefull.
I just set that up with constraints Proximity Far, and Light Sensor less than 2.0lx

But how do I have a timer so that the torch will auto turn off, like in 1 minute, in addition to shake to turn back of?