Community Challenge 5: MacroDroid Automations


I love that I could use macro to turn on the talk back skill that can read all of the text on my phone! first I tap on create Macro -> Actions -> Speak Text -> then slide the toggle to turn it on



My phone doesn’t have an option to silence my device for a period of time, so this does that for you.

Here’s what it looks like… (It’s slightly more complicated, but it works :slight_smile:)

Here’s a download from Google Drive…

And finally, here’s how to recreate it…

Step - By - Step
  1. Add two triggers, Silent Mode Enabled & Disabled
  2. Add a Conditionals/Loops - If clause. VolumeDisabled = False (Create a boolean variable named ‘VolumeDisabled’)
    2.5. Add a Second option to your If -> Ringer Volume -> Silent
  3. Inside put a Set Variable - VolumeDisabled - [User Prompt] and have it ask you if you want disable your sound
  4. Next add another If cause VolumeDisabled = True
  5. Inside the if: (Optionally add Vibrate action)
  6. Set Variable - DelayTime [UserPrompt] (Create DelayTime as integer and have it ask you for how long to stay quiet)
  7. Add a Set MacroDroid Notification Text -> “Silent mode is active for [v=DelayTime] minute(s)”
  8. Add a Set Variable -> DelayTime: “[v=DelayTime]*60”
  9. Add a Delay Period -> Click define value -> Var DelayTime
  10. Add an If VolumeDisabled = True
  11. (Inside) Add a Volume Change -> 0% (Vibrate for me, pick any value though)
  12. Add a Set MacroDroid Notification Text to default
  13. Add a Set Variable -> DelayTime = "[v=DelayTime]/60
  14. End If
  15. End If
  16. Add an Else to the top ‘If’ statement
  17. Add a Set variable VolumeDisabled : false
  18. Add a Set MacroDroid Notification Text to default
  19. Add a Set Variable -> DelayTime = [v=DelayTime]/60
  20. End If

That’s all! Lol :smiley:

Please, if I made a mistake, you find an error, or don’t understand something, tell me! I like to help!

Edit: There was a bug. Go figure :smiley: (Updated file, picture, and instructions)


Calls from people not in contact list will be rejected.


The simplest way is to add a wait before next of 1 minute followed by a torch off action.

If you want to get more sophisticated you could start a stopwatch and then have another macro that triggers when this hits 1 minute. You could then for example cancel the stopwatch and restart it if the torch is turned off within that 1 minute period, so it’s a bit more flexible.


A variation on @BillG’s entry would be to change the Call Reject Action with the available 'Priority Mode / Do Not Disturb (Block all) … this would send all not in users Contacts to Voicemail


i figured out how to make it turn on via Shake action, wait 40 secs then turn off, even to vibrate and speak its action. But ideally, I would like it to also have the toggle ability at anytime during that time frame to turn off if I don’t need it on that long. The point of the timer is to auto turn off the LED torch in case I forget or don’t have the chance to turn it off manually by shake again, or if accidental activation happens, it wont kill the battery or heat up.

not a big deal though, as it is, shake then comes on for XX seconds then off is far more usefull then having to use the screen toggle.

I would like to see different device movement options other than exclusively shake.
Like Moto has “Chop” to launch Torch (seems to be what your Shake action is) and a “Twist” to launch the camera app.


You may want to check out some of the available ‘Templates’ that MacroDroid users have uploaded.

  • Access the ‘Templates’ from the Home page
  • Latest (Tab)
  • Use the Search and search on ‘Torch’
    • These possibly will provide you some inspiration … of if you find one that you love, you can save and execute locally.


Great to see all the enthusiastic responses to this Challenge! I am looking forward to trying them all out over the weekend.

Special thanks to @MacroDroidDev for developing this cool app and offering useful tips in this thread for the benefit of members!


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

In an attempt to keep what has the potential to be a complicated Challenge Topic somewhat streamlined, let’s please focus on challenge entries, and very specific how-to questions. More general philosophical commentary on how you’d like to see the app operate could perhaps be submitted through the Play Store’s reviews or the developer’s website.


The developer of MacroDroid maintains an active user forum at MacroDroid Forums - A forum for discussing all things MacroDroid


I’ve set up a macro to do various things when my phone connects to the bluetooth adapter in my car on my drive to work. There’s a constraint that doesn’t show in the screenshot to only run if it’s between 8 and 9 am (to limit this to the drive to work and not other times):

  1. On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, it starts Google Play Music. I looked for ways to get it to start a specific podcast, but after going down the rabbit hole of trying Tasker plugins like Auto Input to accomplish something like this, I hadn’t gotten it to work after an hour or so and gave up trying. Since Google Assistant can do this, it would be great if there was a way to send a text command to Google Assistant.

  2. On Thursdays, I talk with my brother, so it automatically places the call to him.

I’ve wanted to try something like Tasker for a while, but I really appreciate the recommendation of MacroDroid. It seems like there’s a lot that you can do, and I’m looking forward to playing with it some more.


I just called to give you two free all-expenses-paid weekend trips to see the Super Bowl in Hotlanta. My call was rejected. :sunglasses:


That’s because my phone has a balogna filter.


LOL !! :rofl:


Just a reminder that this challenge ends on January 6! Get your automations submitted, and even if you’re not planning to create an automation, go through and vote for your favorites among those that have been submitted!


Time to give out some prizes!

Thanks to everyone who participated! Here are our top five automations earning prizes, based on the number of likes received as of this morning…

8 likes each

@klifr with an automation to turn on the flashlight with a shake
@chandlerm.ldt7xk with an automation to silence the phone for a period of time


@haptown with his own no-root brew of the “Where are you” macro


@hollowworld with a simple speed-dial automation

4 likes each

@littletoucan with a macro to take a photo of the person who unlocks the phone and send it by E-mail to the phone’s owner
@johnny5 with a persistent flashlight notification for calls and text messages
@jigamo with automations for his morning commute

For our random drawing of five additional prizes from the remaining participations, since we had only four other entries, there’s no need for a drawing. @barbis, @larikdee, @deborahg.hs4c6y, and @billg will receive prize packages.

Although the challenge has ended I’m going to leave this topic open, in case others want to share interesting automations they’ve created. It’s clear we’ve only just scratched the surface of the interesting things this app can do.

Thank you, to @MacroDroidDev for your participation and approval of this Challenge!


Thanks for running this challenge! It was great to hear about such a powerful but straightforward app and see some of the ideas people have for using it.


Thank you for the challenge, it was a great way to learn about MacroDroid! Before this, I had been searching for an app that could do what @haptown’s macro did, and this was the solution!


Thank you for this month’s Community Challenge, @southpaw! It was a blast!


Thanks for the nice prize package! The gloves were too small for me or my SO so I sent them on the White House.