Community Challenge 7: Best Rewards Apps


Republic Wireless members are notoriously good at saving money, and we’re challenging you to tell us about the best rewards app. What app does the best job of surprising you with tangible rewards or discounts? What’s the best reward you’ve earned from your favorite app?

Challenge Option 1 - Share your secret to savings! Reveal your favorite rewards app and tell us about the biggest reward you’ve earned with it.

Post a link to your favorite rewards app in the Google Play Store, tell us how you use it to earn rewards, and describe the best reward you’ve earned so far.
A panel of Republic Wireless Staff and @Ambassadors will select five “top picks.” Authors of the “top picks” will earn their choice of a $10 Amazon or Google Play Store gift card. We’ll award two more prizes from the remaining entries by random drawing.

For an entry to be eligible to be selected as a “top pick” it must:

  1. Be written by a current Republic Wireless member
  2. Include a link to the app in the Google Play Store
  3. Describe in at least 100 words why you like this rewards program and what kinds of discounts or tangible rewards can be earned with it.
  4. Tell us the best reward you’ve earned with this app.
  5. Be submitted by reply in this topic before 11:59 p.m. PT on 2/24/2019

Challenge Option 2 - Test drive the “top picks”! We’ll challenge five volunteers to test drive the five apps that are chosen as “top picks” to see what kind of rewards they can rack up!

By noon (Eastern Time) on 2/25 - Let us know why you’d like to be one of the five chosen to test drive the top reward apps, in a post containing at least 50 words.

On 2/25 - We’ll assign each of our five challengers one of the apps to test.
By 3/5 - Post your first weekly check-in. Tell us about installation and set-up. What was required to create an account? How long did it take? What permissions does the app require?
By 3/12 - Post your second weekly check-in. What are your thoughts on the app and rewards so far? How greedy is the app with battery and data consumption?
By 3/19 - Post your final weekly check-in. What are your results? How many discounts or freebies did you earn? How much effort did it take? Did you enjoy it? Is it worthwhile? Will you keep the app?

Complete all the check-ins and win your choice of a $20 Amazon gift card or a Republic Wireless visor.

Note: Eligibility is limited to one of the two options. You cannot win twice. While Staff, Ambassadors, and Experts might participate in this challenge, they are not eligible for prizes.


I’ll kick this off.

I’m a big eBates fan and regularly use their app, found here: I find that most of the sites that I buy from, other than Amazon, but including Republic, participate in eBates. Shopping through the apps allows me to earn money back on purchases that I would have made anyway. Last year I had to book a hotel room for 90 nights for a long-term contract and I earned over $600 because I booked through the eBates App. That was money straight in to my pocket that I would have paid otherwise. While I’m not one to like apps that can track me, I even use their browser plug-in on my laptop because it alerts me if a rebate is available on a site that I’m using, it is really convenient and has saved me thousands since I’ve been using it! The referral program is pretty great too giving the referred $25 and the referrer $10 once a purchase is made. Overall, I’m a big fan.

BTW – As am Ambassador/Expert should I be eligible, I hereby withdraw myself from any consideration for the prize!


Thanks @louisdi, your post reminds me of something important I wanted to include in this challenge.

A lot of the rewards apps we’ll be exploring do include referral options. This is a reminder that it is against the Community Guidelines to post referral codes.

Members can, however, share them privately, so if anyone sees a topic posted about an app they’d like to try, and wants to get a referral code, it is perfectly ok to send a private message to ask for one.


I’d like to enter into Option 2, if I may be so bold :stuck_out_tongue:. I enjoy saving money, and I like testing things out, and I view myself as pretty good at exploiting/optimizing reward systems (I did Swagbucks with a friend for a little while, we earned $5 for our month of hard work :expressionless:). Besides, I’ve participated in every Community Challenge that I’ve been able to do far, and it would be a shame not to try this one too! I look forward to trying an app out if selected for the honor!


One of the rewards apps I use is Google Opinion Rewards. This app sends out short surveys asking about me and what I do. The reward I get is in the form of small credits in the Google Play store.

If you are on Team Google-Makes-My-Life-Better and are OK with them learning more about you, this is an app to consider. If you are on Team Google-Is-Too-Nosy-Already, this is not the app for you.

Periodically, I get a notification that there is a survey waiting for me. There are a few questions to answer and then there (usually) is a store credit that ranges from 10 cents to a dollar. I have multiple phones tied to the same Google account and get different surveys on each phone. This helps build up the store credit faster. Here is a link to the app in the Play store:

I’ve used the built-up store credit to rent movies, pay for apps and buy songs I like. The best reward is I now own a digital copy of one of my favorite movies by one of my favorite directors: Barry Lyndon directed by Stanley Kubrick.


I’m a big fan of Ibotta ( Super easy to get cash back from thousands of brands and retailers, many of which I shop from on a regular basis (like Target and Walmart). No coupons or promo codes necessary. Shop, earn. Easy as that!


Hi @bcline909,

Can you estimate what your biggest one-time reward has been, or what your total to date has been?


I don’t think I have any rewards apps on my phone except maybe Uber and Lyft, both of which give you points when you use their services.

Other than that MyPoints has an app, (MyPoints Mobile) but I use their site on my computer. It gives points for shopping, taking surveys, clicking on ads, etc. I have earned several Amazon gift cards with this site and they always seem to have promos going on where you can earn bonus points. I generally will wait to add up a good number of points before redeeming for a larger gift card amount.


I too use Ibotta.
It is super easy to get rewarded. You just have to check their app before or after you go shopping. If you see an item you bought or plan to buy, click it to add the item. Sometimes they have you answer a survey question or watch a short (15 sec video). The items have different rebate amounts and they always have some “any brand” items. They also reward online purchases. I usually get .25¢ to a few dollars on each grocery shopping trip. Almost all the major stores in my area are represented (Kroger, Walmart, Costco, Whole Foods, etc.) Stores like Aldi are not.

After you shop, you upload a copy of your receipt, check to make sure all your reward items are there and then sometimes you have to scan the bar code of your items. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

My best rebate is over $16 for a 1 night stay at a hotel. I followed a link in the Ibotta app to go to where I booked my stay.

They also have a referral program. Overall it’s super easy. I recommend.


I spend $50 on a Living Social coupon and received $6.50 cash back, over 10%!


I too have been fond of the Google Opinion Rewards app that rewards uses with Play credits for answering simple surveys. I like it because you get rewards without spending to earn them. My reward is not having to spend money for an app I may want to purchase.

Thanks @johnny5 for mentioning the rewards can be used for media as well as apps. I’d been unaware of that and have racked up plenty of $s worth of rewards. It’s time to take advantage of my balance.

@louisdi thanks to you too for the tips about the eBates app.



Ahh yes! Some fellow company :smiling_imp: .


I’ve also had a great experience using Ebates: Using this app (or even just their website), you earn cash back on online purchases you would already be making with very little effort - an important selling point for me. I’ve done some of the survey apps and often feel like the value doesn’t equate with my time. Most websites offer a small percentage on purchases (from 1 or 2% up to 8% and more). The app also sorts through offers and coupon codes to apply, for further savings, and when you use the app there are some extra cash back opportunities only available there. When you’ve earned over $10 (I believe) each month, they send you a “big fat check” in the mail. Super easy, making it a no-brainer for me.

My biggest rebate was appropriately when buying from… Republic Wireless! They were running a special offer for 10% on purchases at a time when I was phone shopping. Earning $20 back on a $200 phone made it entirely worth getting a device from Republic vs. buying an unlocked phone elsewhere!


If eligible, I’d also be interested in test driving a reward app. Though I love finding ways to be frugal, I hate using up storage with tons of apps. So far I’ve only used Ebates and haven’t kept the app on my phone for a while. If I could find something worth using space for, that would be a win!


Thanks participants! I’m a little surprised at the focus on rebate apps! Some of my personal favorite reward apps involve food! :bagel: :chicken: :doughnut: :coffee: I have family members who have been granted a free bagel every day for a month, multiple times in a year, in the Panera app, for example. (That’s a lotta bagels.)

Since we had so few eligible members suggest apps, there’s no need for a “top five” selection. I’ll be in touch with the eligible participants by DM with their prizes.

Due to lack of interest, we’ll not be able to do the 2nd part of the challenge. :crying_cat_face: