Community Challenge 8: NCAA March Madness Tournament Bracket 🏀


Our March Challenge is a March Madness NCAA bracket challenge.

Even if you don’t follow basketball, you could win, but only if you enter!

:basketball: Prizes

1st Place (two winners): A prize package consisting of:

  • Winner’s choice of a Nike Republic Wireless visor1 or Republic Wireless T-shirt2
  • Winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon gift card or $10 Google Play Store gift card
  • Gigastone Micro SD class 10 memory card

2nd Place (three winners):

  • Winner’s choice of a Nike Republic Wireless visor, Republic Wireless T-shirt, $10 Amazon gift card or $10 Google Play Store gift card

3rd Place (five winners):

  • Winner’s choice of a $10 Amazon gift card or $10 Google Play Store Gift Card

Second-chance drawing (five winners)
Once winners are selected, all remaining participants will be entered into a drawing. Five winners will each receive the winners’ choice of a $5 Taco Bell gift card or $5 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card.
Bonus second-chance entries: To earn bonus entries in the Second-chance drawing, reply in this topic with:

  • Your favorite game moment
  • Encouragement to another Community participant in the challenge
  • Your predictions (and why) for an upcoming game

Limit one bonus entry per day

:basketball_man: How to enter

To be eligible to win you must:

  1. Be a current member of Republic Wireless
  2. Click the image button at and sign in or create an account.
    Tip: Once you’ve created your account, click your bracket name and scroll down for options such as:
    • let ESPN fill in your bracket
    • be E-mailed a reminder to fill in your bracket
    • change your bracket settings (its name, for example)
  3. Reply here with your ESPN username and bracket name so we can associate your ESPN entry with your Community username. (This will be important when it’s time to determine our winners!)
  4. Create your NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket once the option is open and before the first game on Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Never participated in an ESPN bracket challenge? Check out ESPN’s own Rules, Tips, and FAQs.

:basketball_woman: Winner selection

Winners will be determined based on the number of points earned in the ESPN bracket challenge and will be announced on Tuesday, April 9, 2019.
Fun fact: It’s actually possible to win without picking the national champion :woman_shrugging:
In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected based on the timestamp in this topic where the member shared his ESPN username and bracket name. The earliest timestamp will break the tie.

While Employees, Ambassadors, and Experts may participate, they may not win.

To participate in our challenges, you acknowledge that you will need to download and use the third party products, apps, and/or websites (“Products”). These Products are provided by third-parties and not Republic Wireless. You agree and understand that Republic Wireless is not responsible for the content, operation, or anything else related to the Products and that your use of the Products is at your own risk and you agree to hold Republic Wireless harmless.

1 Republic Wireless Visor:

2 Republic Wireless T-shirt

pinned globally #2


ESPN username: hollowWorld
Bracket name: hollowWorld
Where I live: a hollow world.

(Okay, that last one is not strictly true.) I’m excited for this new challenge, even though I’m not good at watching sportsball!


ESPN username: Brocktoon2382
Bracket name: Go Sportsball!
Where I live: Far too close to Storrs to not follow UConn


ESPN Username: gamecocks85
Bracket Name: GoCarolina!


ESPN Username: nehoman9
Bracket Name: gobucks1


Username: dinnertrain
Bracket Name: RWdinnertrain 1


Username: jwb.wilmy
Bracket Name: jwb.wilmy 1


Username: Mattwhg3dp_ 1
Bracket name: RWMattwhg3dp_ 1


FYI the brackets are ready to be filled out [I have filled my out
Account Drm186 bracket drm186
I may not be eligible for the rewards listed here but I can still play along
Good luck to everyone


Username: AUser.Resau
Bracket: AUser.Resau


Username: DaveKC66
Bracket: DaveKC66


We have twice as many people in our ESPN group than have replied here to let us know their username and bracket name. It’s step three folks!! Don’t skip that step, it is part of eligibility for our little challenge here.


ESPN Username: Hobertah
Bracket Name: Hobertah

This’ll be fun, I’ve never watched a basketball game!


espn username: bcsu
bracket name: billys


User: PlaysKool
Bracket: PlaysKool RW


Bracket Name: WinnerWinnerChickenDinner
Username: BobbyG 24

Everyone can just give Up now​:monkey::sunglasses::monkey:


Bracket Name: EWolfe15
User Name: EWOLFE15


Bracket Name: Kevin’s winning bracket
Username: ksingletary1964


Bracket Name: johnny_5s_ESPN_Bracket
Username: johnny_5s_ESPN_Name