Comparable phone to Moto X first gen?

I’ve had the Defy XT, the first gen Moto X, and now the Moto X Pure. Far and away my favorite of those three was the first gen Moto X. It fit the hand, performance was super snappy when opening or changing apps, storage was the right amount for me, battery life was very good. I still use it as a wifi device for playing games, even with a cracked screen.

Seeing as I was going from one flagship to another, I was hoping the Pure would offer similar performance but have been largely disappointed. It will be a while before I buy another phone, but is there a current (or future) phone that is comparable to that first gen Moto X?

Like you, the first gen Moto X is still my favorite phone. I Hope the trend will move toward smaller phones again someday. The Moto X4 is expected to join the Motorola lineup later in the year. Some details at:


The current Moto flagship is the Moto Z. I had one briefly, wasn’t happy with it, and sold it on eBay. The big issue I had was the short battery life and the size of the chin on the phone. The new Moto X is indeed supposed to come out later this year, and it is reasonable to think it will be supported by Republic. It is what by today’s standards, would be considered a high mid-range phone with a 1080P screen and 600 series processor.

I agree that in some ways the Pure didn’t stand up to the original. The main thing for me was the lack of AMOLED screen.

As far as comparable phones, from a spec perspective, the new Moto G5+ is actually about as powerful as the original Moto X was. You may want to go to a Best Buy and see if they have one there you can play with.

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