Comparing Moto g 6 and Moto G 6 Play


Comparing moto g 6 and moto g 6 play.I only use phone for basic surfing,calling text and pictures.Do i need the extra Ram and Rom.Are the batteries the big difference ?



Hi @patrickw.9s4uqr,

The G6 Play has the larger battery. Other than that, the G6 is the superior all around phone. If by pictures, you mean taking pictures with the phone’s camera, go with the G6. Otherwise, based on your described use, either will serve you well.



Good comparison here:



thank you so much it is exactly what I was looking for and had no idea hoe to find it.Awesome



Looking to replace a Moto X {2nd gen} phone with a Moto G6 {not play}.

BestBuy has this phone for $177.99 [with the activate later option} which is considerably less than RW’s price of $249.

Any issues, gotcha’s, oh you need a new SIM card, charger from Alpha Centauri… to bring this phone to RW?




Check out the Republic Wireless supported phones.

The Moto G6 is listed: * Moto G6 (XT1925-6)1. Just make sure it’s that model number. it will be the North American Unlocked version.



Bestbuy’s unlocked model og the Moto G6 would be the XT-1925-6
you will need a BYOD SIM (which is GSM base)

the Moto G6 does have a USB-Type C connector (a cable is included with the phone)



Hi @craigw.vkuxs3,


  • You will need a new SIM card. Please do not try moving the one in the X2, it’s not compatible with the G6.
  • You may notice a difference in coverage on the G6 compared to the X2. Some people find it to be better, some worse, some see no difference. It depends on where you live in the reality beyond coverage maps. If you find it to be worse, let our support team know, we can take care of that with a replacement SIM card. (Don’t know until you try.)
  • And yes, the G6 uses a different charger than the X2. One will come with the phone. If you’re like me and you have chargers all over the house and you don’t want to replace them, a 6- or 10- pack of adapters that fit the X2’s chargers and magically turn them into G6 chargers are available on Amazon for a reasonable price and do not ship from Alpha Centauri. Personally, I find the cables fail frequently enough that I’d rather replace the cables than buy adapters.


Thank you theresar for taking the time to reply.
I appreciate it.



Thanks for that tip drm186, I’ll check out the link you provided.



southpaw, Amazon will NOT ship from Alpha Centauri even with Prime??? {;^p)

We live in a cell phone black hole with only Verizion tower nearby but blocked by terrain and have relied 80%+ on WiFi and that worked well on my Moto G, but I have to admit I received a lot of static from my wife about dropped calls while at our house on her Moto X. It would at times drop the Wifi when is saw the low level cell signal and then just drop the call.


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