Comparison between Moto Z and Moto Z 2


Does anyone know much about the Moto Z 2? My Moto Z was stolen a few weeks ago and I’ve been using my old Moto X for now. By comparison, it’s pretty creaky and has no space left. I’m going to replace the Z very soon but the Moto Z play and the Moto Z 2 Play each have some advantages and I’d like to know if anyone has real experience with both so I can hear about a real comparison The 2 has more ram. 4 gigs as opposed to 3 but the camera doesn’t look nearly as good. It’s a touch thinner and lighter but that’s not a big deal, btw, has anyone else noticed that the Z seems to be the slipperiest phone ever made? lol thanks


Hi @susanr.ombwz2,

It sounds like you’re actually asking about comparisons/differences between the Moto Z Play and Moto Z2 Play–rather than the Moto Z and Moto Z2–am I right?

I have a Moto Z Play that I moved to from a Moto X2, so I can give you some information about this particular phone–if that’s what you’re asking about?


At this point I’m open. There’s the Moto Z, the Moto Z Play and the Moto Z 2 (play?)

I could use an education if anyone would indulge me. How is the Play version different?


Here’s a Z Play vs Z2 Play comparison: