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I am on holiday for the next week and my phone won’t charge. It’s a bit old and junky anyway so I want to buy a new phone while I am here in Florida and hopefully get service ASAP. I just found a MotoG7 power for a really good price but it’s a COnsumer Cellular phone. Will it work on Republic?

Hi @susano.gr1ptn,

I’m afraid not as no carrier branded phones work with Republic. The best advice for sourcing Republic compatible phones is right here in Community:

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Thanks for the quick answer. It’s a little discouraging that Republic is so narrowly specific about compatible phones and that their prices are not competitive. They may lose me as a customer, particularly now that I will lose my grandfathered account that refunds me for unused data. I have loved my Republic plan! I’m certainly glad I asked before jumping in and buying the phone and expecting it to work with Republic.

Hi @susano.gr1ptn,

There’s a reason why the Consumer Cellular phone is more attractively priced. The price is subsidized by CC and one would be obligated to use CC for some period of time. Industry standard is six months to a year.

Republic’s service uses factory unlocked phones that may be taken elsewhere if one so chooses from day one. Republic cannot both use factory unlocked phones and subsidize the price. For what it’s worth, factory unlocked Republic compatible phones are widely available from sources other than Republic often at better prices than what Republic’s online store offers them for. That’s what the article I linked is all about.

You might also consider opening a ticket. Republic may have other options fir you.

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Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking at other sources but I have my heart set on a Moto G7 power for price and other reasons and that’s one of the problematic models, sadly. The article you linked was very helpful.

The Factory Unlocked G7 Power is fully supported by Republic. You just can’t use the Consumer Cellular modified and locked version of the phone.

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