Compatabilty for republic

Will SMG960U1ZKAX work on republic, last 4 letters are not in list?

Yes, probably, depending on where purchased, however you shoulkd consult How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone … this Tips & Tricks
by @louisdi provides the full details, as there are exceptions that he has noted

Yes, that phone is compatible.

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Hi @louisdi,

For those of us who aren’t fluent in SKU, could you tell us what those last four letters represent?

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I forget, not everyone was lucky as I was to grow up in a household where my parents came to the US from SKUlandia when they were teens and we spoke SKUish and the English interchangeably at home. I any case, KAX means the phone is black and factory unlocked, other colors will have a letter other than “K”, so for instance BAX for blue. In addition, there is a generic unlocked SKU that ends in XAA.

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