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Hi, I am currently using the S7 Edge and there is an enticing upgrade deal for the S8 Edge from Samsung which is essentially a BOGO with a trade in. So I would be upgrading both my phone and my wife’s. Only one thing stopping me from doing it: the phone is not yet compatible for RW. Is that going to happen any time soon?

Google Pixel 2 and Republic

Hi @icdogg,

Given S7 support, logic suggests Republic might eventually support the S8s. That said, no one who knows when that might be (staff) is going to say when until and unless Republic is ready to make a public announcement. If/when they’re ready to do so, you’ll see it here in Community. Additionally, you might find information on Republic’s social media pages. Links follow.


I too want to buy an unlocked Samsung S8 to use on RepublicWireless. Given that Republic already supports the S7 and supports Android Nougat (7) on the Google Nexus phone, supporting the S8 should be a no-brainer.

No one says that Republic needs to sell the S8–simply test it to give those of us who want the S8 confidence to make the purchase and BYOD. Now that Republic no longer modifies either the phones or Android OS, they should test a much wider variety of phones so customers have more freedom to buy the best phones for them. This would be a win-win for Republic and its loyal customers.


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No one says that Republic needs to sell the S8–simply test it to give those of us who want the S8 confidence to make the purchase and BYOD

agreed I an one how is surprised this has been done yet I can only think there something about the S8 that may be preventing Republic from approving the North American Unlock model which was released back in May

Republic still needs to approve a phone before it will allow it to activate (White-List) and until they make an announcement I would not buy a phone hoping it be approved (note the last years Pixels have been approved (nearly right away) while republic never sold them


How is it that BestBuy knows the Samsung S8/S8+ unlocked phones will work on Repbulic Wireless but Republic doesn’t/won’t confirm it? Filters: Republic Wireless
Samsung - Galaxy S8 4G LTE with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Coral Blue - Larger Front
Model: SM-G950UZBAXAA SKU: 5923206

Samsung - Galaxy S8+ 4G LTE with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Coral Blue
Model: SM-G955UZBAXAASKU: 5923300


The SM-G950U and SM-G955 are the North American Factory Unlocked models but until; Republic adds them to their build list (White List) they are not usable in Republic,

Republic will not commit on unapproved phones until they are approved, [they do not announce which phones do not work, and do not give hints on which ones will in the future]

In short they currently do not work,


I don’t believe you’re correct that Republic’s failure to white-list the Samsung S8 SM-G950U and SM-G955 North American Factory Unlocked models means that they “currently do not work.” Rather, it means that Republic has not publicly verified that they do work.

If you install a Republic SIM card and download the Republic app, they very well may work properly (as BestBuy claims they do by listing Republic Wireless as a supported carrier).

If anyone in the community has “real world” experience using the Samsung S8/+ on Republic Wireless network, we’d truly appreciate hearing about your experience.


You are incorrect, republic app checks the model and build of the phone before it will activate it or allow it to work on it’s servers [republic is a hybrid VOIP first cell backup provider and make sure the phone work before allowing them on it network.]


The phone is unsupported. You for 100% sure will NOT be able to activate a Republic SIM in the phone.

What a 3rd party vendor says about a phone is meaningless. Amazon tries to sell you a Republic SIM with dozens of unlocked phones that don’t work with Republic.

Republic’s guidance is very clear: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help

There may be workarounds that get the phone working, but you’ll have no support and will likely be violating Republic’s TOS and risking termination of service.


Not with the Samsung but tried on a Huawei and it was a big no go.


Any comment on the likelihood of RW offering the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ anytime soon? It’s been released for awhile. My 2nd Gen Moto X is starting to act up and will need to be replaced soon. Not wild about the current Moto lineup and thinking of switching to Samsung, but don’t want to go with the S7 Edge if the S8 is just around the corner.


There is already answered in a current topic and since the topic, you posted this reply to was about the PIXEL, I moved your post.

The generic answer is that we do not talk about phones before we announce them, one way or the other. We do not talk about phones in our lab or up for consideration. Manufacturers never appreciate that and we have to be cognizant of their requirements if we are to be good partners.


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