Compatibility with the Samsung Messages App

For those of you that are using or plan to use a Samsung phone, we ask that you please not use the default messaging app that comes on your phone, Samsung Messages. That app is currently unsupported on Republic Wireless because when you send a text message to someone using that app, instead of showing your Republic Wireless phone number, it shows an alternate number. This can cause confusion for the people you’re sending messages to as they’ll see a phone number they don’t recognize and won’t be sure who it’s from.

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What do I have to do?

  1. Change Your Default Messaging App
    Open the Google Messenger app and it will prompt you to select it as the default messaging app. If it doesn’t, you can follow these instructions to set Google Messenger as your default messaging app. If you don’t have Google Messenger installed, there are instructions at that link on how to do that as well.

  2. Replace the Samsung Messages App on Your Home Screen
    The Samsung Messages app will show unread message counts and ask you to enable it as the default messaging app unless you remove it from your Home screen. This can be confusing since you won’t be able to use this app anyway. It’s best to remove it from your Home screen altogether.

Please follow the instructions below to remove the Samsung Messages app from your Home screen and add the Google Messenger app instead:

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Follow the step-by-step tutorial

Select Messages App

Press and hold the Messages app.

Drag to Remove

After you press and hold the Messages app, the screen will change and you’ll see a Remove icon at the top left of your screen.

Drag the Messages app overtop the Remove icon and let go. This will remove the app from your Home screen.

Open the Apps Drawer

Tap Apps.

Select Messenger

Press and hold the Messenger app.

Drag to Home Screen

After you press and hold the Messenger app, the screen will change and you’ll see your Home screen.

Drag the Messenger app to where you want it on your Home screen and let go.


Why can’t I use Samsung Messages?

The Samsung Messages app sends messages from your alternate number, which is a number that we use internally to route your calls and texts, and is different from your Republic Wireless number. We’re currently working with Samsung to integrate the Samsung Messages app with Republic Wireless as soon as possible.

What happens if I keep using Samsung Messages?

If you use Samsung Messages, your text messages will continue to come from an unrecognized telephone number and you’ll be reminded to switch to Google Messenger every time you receive a message (when Samsung Messages is set as your default messaging app).

How do I know what my correct telephone number is?

Tap on the Republic Wireless app to see your telephone number displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Thanks for your patience as we work with Samsung to integrate the Messages app into our Republic app. If you have any further questions or need additional help, please feel free to ask them here.


Has this issue been resolved?

It has not and, candidly, won’t be unless Samsung chooses to do so. Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service requires use of new Google application programming interfaces (APIs) built into Android. Messages by Google and Republic Anywhere are built to use these APIs. There are other alternatives able to make use of these APIs noted here: Text Messaging Apps That Work with Republic.

Alas, to date, Samsung has not chosen to update its app to work with the needed APIs.


just curious… its been a year since the last post, has this issue been resolved? I just got a Galaxy Watch and i can use Android/Google messages on it. if not, is there any app that works with RW and Samsung Galaxy Watches?

Hi @michaelm.kdxf6l,

I’m afraid nothing has changed regarding the compatibility of Samsung’s Messages app and Republic service. I’m further sorry to say I don’t know of a specific app that would make a good stand in but, hopefully, someone with both a Samsung phone and a Galaxy watch might chime in.

I used Textra with no issue when i had a Galaxy Watch.
It has its own app u install on the watch.
However, i found it not needed and clunky to use.
Only needed it to see message history.
The watch was natively able to receive/reply/compose text messages for me from its own OS.
I used it with a Pixel 3 though.

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