Compatibilty with Best Buy z play


Is the Best Buy z play model 01095NART compatible with rw 3,0 ? And can I just switch sin from my g4+?


Yes, that phone should work…for reference see this listing from B&H which shows the correct model number

As for moving the SIM from a Moto G4+, if you know for sure that your G4+ SIM is a GSM SIM
then, yes you can transfer it to the Moto Z. If you are unsure, let us know and we can help you figure out if it is GSM SIM.


Hi @cb1

Not sure where BB gets their model number from, but it appears to be the Unlocked N.American version so yes, it should be compatible…(just to note, it’s the same price in the RW store).

As far as the SIM card question, I know you can swap SIM’s between activated GSM devices, so I believe you could activate the MZP using the G4P’s sim, however I personally have never tried that particular operation…(RW’s store’s phone will come with an unactivated SIM).
Hopefully someone will chime in whom has actually tried this.
Model Number: XT1635-02


01095NART is, I believe, Motorola’s manufacturer’s SKU as opposed to a model number. NART is an acronym for North American retail, so the referenced phone is indeed Republic’s supported Moto Z Play variant


Thanks, learn something new everyday!.


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