Compatible Hearing Aids

This may be a subject of little interest to most people but for hearing impaired people it is important. My Resound Quantum hearing aids are working great with the iPhone in beta testing. I was a little concerned when I signed up for this anout them working! Great job Republic!


Hi @sharons.4f057f,

Yup, presuming iPhone on Republic ultimately moves from beta to general availability, that’s something else needing to be updated:

Thanks for the update (I fall into that group that you considered this ‘important’ for)

  • I followed the link to the Help doc provided by @rolandh and then the link to the FCC doc. This then required additional searching/reading to put this into something that was understandable.
  • It is notable that all the current phones Republic currently sell have a HAC rating of 6-8 … putting them in the ‘best’ or ‘excellent’ category

Hi @rolandh,

Just for additional clarity, and to ward off any feedback indicating the list is not currently complete, please note that we do not maintain the HAC information for our BYOP-only supported phones.

The list is updated as part of the process of adding a new phone to our online store. If we offer iPhone products in the online store, the list would be updated as any iPhone is added to the store, but if we move out of Beta with iPhone being a BYOP-only option, we would not.

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