Compatible model number for Samsung Note+

I was looking at purchasing an unlocked Samsung Note 10+ directly from Samsung on black Friday as they had some special offers. After I placed the order my email receipt listed the model number as SM-N975UZSAXAA . On the republic Wireless sight they list 2 model numbers, SM-N975U1K1XAA, SM-N975U5K1XAA, that are compatible with RW. Since the model number in the Samsung PO didn’t exactly match I canceled the order as I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money for a phone that I was not sure would work with RW. I submitted a ticket (1807558) asking RW if the model number in question would work with the RW service. Their response was to provide a link to a panel of Expert Customers? The link has expired so I don’t know what that response was. I know that parts of the model number define the color and other specifics to the actual phone being ordered but I didn’t want to take the chance. Does anyone know how to determine which parts of the model number needs to match and which parts don’t? Unfortunately the offer from Samsung for last Friday is no longer available but it would be nice to know for future reference.

One of the Expert Customers that would have responded to the request that RW referred out was @louisdi who has authored and maintains this Tips & Tricks article:

Hi @louisp.c8sswn,

Generally, anything ending in XAA is factory unlocked and Republic compatible. Do you have a link to the Samsung listing from which you purchased the phone?

Hi @louisp.c8sswn,

It will work with Republic!

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