Compatible Phones from OnePlus

I am looking to upgrade phones and have been looking at the offerings by different manufacturers. I have found the OnePlus 5t and OnePlus 6 to be packed with great technology just as good if not better than the high-end manufacturers at a more affordable price. These phones should find their way onto Republic Wireless’s list of compatible phone sooner than later. 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for $629.


Hi @danm.qw7u5d,

Perhaps they should, however, to date they have not. You might wish to apprise Republic of your interest here:

I kept looking for the page that had that link … other than in your incredible memory bank, where is it posted (or isn’t it?)

You and me both! I can never find these kinds of links when I want them…

I have it booked marked though I wonder if anyone is looking at it’s data anymore [it’s been almost 2 years since it was created[

(@southpaw or @seanr is anyone at Republic looking at this data?)


It’s well hidden in step 4 on this page:

It’s still part of the bring your own phone tool, so one would think so.

Unlikely. They are niche market devices. Not common to the USA.
Similar situation with Razer and Essential phones.
No where near enough market for them to be considered for some small, non-major wireless carrier MVNO like R.W.

Also, it is not as simple as just, “Adding to the list of compatible devices”.
Its a 2 way road.
R.W. has to have some sort of agreement and continuous contact with the device manufacture to be sure that R.W.'s patented software and Bonded Calling tech works with and is not broken by the OEMs software updates or device changes etc.
If the OEM wants nothing to do with R.W., then it wont happen.

The market is the big 2. iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.
Since Apple is not an option for R.W, Its Samsung and Moto as the primary Android focused devices for support. Samsung being the flagship option, and Moto being the budget option. With some other unlocked flagship and budget BYOD options for other USA popular devices, such as Google Pixel.

For now…its supported phones.

Hi @danm.qw7u5d,

Thanks for taking the time to write up your recommendation and the reasoning behind it. Our hardware team is constantly evaluating a variety of phones and they do take great specs like you’ve detailed into consideration. Compatibility requires more than great specs, though. While we can’t go into detail about which phones have been evaluated and reasons we don’t carry them, we appreciate your interest in being able to bring exactly the phone you want to Republic Wireless.


Is the Moto Z 2 Force compatible?

Sadly no.
Only the phone modes listed here will work on R.W.:

See this also:

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hi, i’m being drawn to the just released OnePlus 6 so…
i’m wondering if available unlocked, could this be a ‘bring your own phone’?
how easy is it for rw to make a sim card for this phone? or will just a new sim card do?
thnx in advance for answers…

Hi @13iron,

I’ve moved your comment into this pre-existing topic so we can focus the conversation in one place.

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“On stage at Mobile World Congress Shanghai, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said the company is working on a 5G phone for 2019—and working on North American carriers.” from PCMag reviews…
here’s hoping RW is one of the carriers! i want a OnePlus6 on RW

Here is a rundown on ‘availability’ from Livewire that may dampen your enthusiasm or help set your expectations
And remember Republic is not a ‘carrier’, they are a MVNO

Is there anyone who has experience successfully bringing a OnePlus 6t phone to Republic Wireless?

Hi @carlanb and welcome to the Community!

Republic does not support any OnePlus models and, therefore, Republic’s app (required for Republic service) will not activate a Republic SIM in one. Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service requires one of the carrier agnostic factory unlocked phones listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. You’ll want to be certain the phone you wish to bring is an exact model number (and in some cases build number match) for those listed.

This Republic Help Center document walks you through the entire process of bringing a phone sourced elsewhere to Republic: How to Bring Your Own Phone to Republic Wireless (BYOP) – Republic Help.

Even better is this contribution from a fellow member (Republic likes to call customers members) linked here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.


Now that the OnePlus 6T has been officially announced it seems it would be a great time to add it to the BYOP program. Others in the forum have asked about OnePlus products, but previously the brand was mostly focused outside the US. Now OnePlus is making a real push to become a competitor in the US. T-Mobile has them as an exclusive at first and then they are expanding to others. The OnePlus focus on quality, cost savings, and software updates seems to be a good fit with Republic’s game plan.

I submitted this phone on the BYOP surveymonkey poll but thought it would also be worth mention here for the community now that the official launch happened on Oct. 29th.

Our family has been with Republic since 2013, and the experience has been great. We have benefited quite a lot from the low cost service. To keep costs down we have taken good care of the Moto X1 phones, but tech advances. And older phones slow down. So we are at the point where we need to upgrade.


I too would like to see OnePlus as an option. Along with Nokia. Heck something other than Motorola and Samsung for a mid-range phone is long overdue

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I agree. Motorola has some good mid-range phones, but now that the OnePlus offers wider carrier support, in the US it would be great to see it come to RW. I have submitted it as well on the poll.

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Yes, please add One Plus phones!

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