Compatible Version and Refund Plan SIM card


I ordered a Moto G7 on Amazon and need a new sim card. I have two questions:

  1. Is the XT1962-4 version of the Moto G7 compatible?
  2. Can I get a CDMA SIM card and will it allow me to continue on my grandfathered refund plan? If so, how do I get a more specific SIM card that will continue my existing plan instead of just getting the new customer SIM card?

Thanks for your help!

Only the Legacy phones can use the Refund plan. It is tied to specific model phones, not the SIM card.

Sorry to tell you, but The -4 model you bought of the regular G7 is not supported by Republic. The -4 is the International model. You should cancel that order or return it.
Republic only support North American Factory unlocked models.
See the list of compatible phones.

You will need:

This article may help you:

All the new phones and BYOP must use the My Choice plan.
The only way to keep your existing plan to purchase one of the RW specific legacy phones used, which is very hard since they have not been made in many years and all most likely have bad batteries.


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