Compatible with both T-Mobil and Sprint networks on the fly

I read where Google Fi phone service is compatible with T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular networks on the fly. The phone adjusts and uses whatever network has the strongest signal. Is there any thought in making this an option for Republic Wireless?

While I’m sure Republic would love to do this the engineering to make this possible is gigantic and the reason you see only one company Google Fi, do this is because Google builds the operating system and can add those capabilities right to the OS.


It also will be a mute point in a few years if the Sprint/Tmobile merger goes through.
US Cellular has very exclusive native coverage in a small area compared to the others., only in a couple states.

I was an early user of Fi and I put up with it for a year and finally came back to Republic. I just checked the Fi forum and there are still people not happy with the phone switching (or not switching). The worst case is when you have great coverage from carrier A but the phone remains stuck on Carrier B.

Given the price difference I have no desire to go back. But Fi would be my second choice most likely if Republic ever went away.

I had Fi for about 9 months and switched because they kept putting me on Sprint in locations where the T-Mobile coverage was FAR superior.

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