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Will Republic Wireless ever be compatible for use with Apple iPhones?

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as of now, no
but there was talk, just don’t know when
stay tuned to the news channel

My iPhone 6 is both CDMA and GSM. Will I be able to use it on Republic?

I’m afraid not as no Apple iPhone is compatible with Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service. I too wish the answer were different as I have iPhone users in my household I’d love to have join me at Republic.

If you would consider moving from iPhone to Android and would like to learn more about the Android smartphones currently supported by Republic, please see this resource created by Republic Community members: Detailed Supported Phone Features.

Understandably, moving from iPhone to Android might seem daunting. I write about ways to make it seem less so in Republic’s Member Community here: Moving from iPhone to Android: An Overview.

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Thanks for a quick and thorough reply. Android is not in my future, tried it, hated it. Republic needs to address this as they are missing a lot of business not supporting the Apple phones. Again, thanks.

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From what I understand, it’s not Republic’s blocking, it’s Apple not accepting Republic’s unique blended WiFi/Cell phone type phones. Contact Apple and request they accept Republic’s phones.


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With the iOS 12 (and 11??) software the iPhone is capable of turning on WiFi Calling. Apple cannot accept Republic phones, but Republic could write an Apple App that would work on the Republic network.

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Hi @OldFart,

If only it were that simple. Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is unique. It blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of its former parent company with one of two cellular network partners. VoIP is the technology Republic uses to power the WiFi portion of its blended service.

While Apple’s iPhone is indeed capable of WiFi calling, it’s not natively capable of blending two discrete networks as Republic does. You are correct, it is the Republic app that achieves this blending. Unfortunately, unlike Android, Apple doesn’t yet publish application programming interfaces (APIs) that would allow for an iOS equivalent of Republic’s currently Android only app.

I’m an active user of both iOS and Android. As mentioned, in a previous reply, I would very much like to see Republic as an option for those with iPhones. Republic staff is well aware that the current inability to support iOS is costing them business. If there were an easy resolution, they would be already be doing it.


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