Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5 that has Android v6?

I read on a different post (Is Republic Wireless compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5?) that the Galaxy S5 wasn’t compatible because - at the time - it did not have the 6.0/Marshmallow version of Android. I just checked the one I’ve been hanging on to and it looks to have it. Would this qualify it as a compatible device? (It was originally with Boost Mobile so is GSM)

Unfortunately, no. Here’s a help article with the list of compatible phones.

It isn’t only the Android version that’s necessary to work on the network.


one of the things need to be compatible with Republic 3.0/4.0 is indead android version 6.0+ but there are others like Passing Republic’s internal test, having an OEM relations ship so when bugs are found or when an update breaks the phone Republic as a path to get a fix, and that a phone have a Us Regional/North American Factory unlock model (which differs from Carrier Unlock) before the Galaxy S6 Samsung did not release a US/North American Factory unlock just carrier unlock (the US/North America Factory unlock will not have any carrier customization (software and some times hardware {what bands it sees} (even the S6 Factory unlock shared a model number with the T-Mobile version {the SM-G920T} but had to have certain builds to be the factory unlocked version

I will also note that Boost mobile is own by Sprint and any phone will be Sprint CDMA version (SM-900P) (though it’s also possible that the phone has GSM also as Many CDMA phones with LTE also have GSM)


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