Competition and More phone availability

T-Mobile now has a month to month plan for $15 per month, no contracts AND do not have to commit to paying for a whole year, very simply $15 per month with 2 GB of data. The bonus which has been my gripe all along with RW, is they virtually have unlimited amount of phones to choose from! Why can’t RW do this??
Why such a limited amount of phones. Only low range Motorolas.

I believe RW needs to step up if T-mobile can offer this surely RW can match and have more phones available.


For better or worse, Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service is unique (sufficiently unique to be patented). Republic’s service blends the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network of with one of two cellular network partners (T-Mobile or Sprint). Though T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, the networks remain separate. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Republic’s blended service requires use of certain factory unlocked Android phones.

I’m confused as to why you believe this to be the case. Republic supports roughly 80 phone models including high end Samsung Galaxy models and Google Pixel series phones in addition to various Motorola models. Please see this Community resource for more on compatible phones supported by Republic.

I will not deny that T-Mobile supports phones not supported by Republic, however, it’s inaccurate to state Republic supports only low end Motorola models.


Of the 80 phones that RW supports, how many would many of them would you truly want to use day in day out now. Would want to use a Defy now? The electronic world evolves very quickly and turns over that fast. There is a tremendous market for people that need more that a low to mid Moto G but don’t want to spend $1,000 for and S20.

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Hi @krash,

My daily driver is currently a Google Pixel 4 XL. It cost me no where near $1,000. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE is well under $1,000 but is by no means an inexpensive phone. Is there a particular phone of interest to you?


I just got a S20 FE on sale for 600$ (and it came with a free smartwatch :eyes:). Motos cover a good portion of the low-mid range phone sector and honestly there is not many brands that can match the price/performance of Motorola.


The list shows a Moto Edge but not sure why RW doesn’t sell it on their website or maybe the Moto One. Motorola also is working on a flagship phone that will be out soon but I don’t RW will offer it. The A71 Samsung should be offered by RW

If you like the Moto Edge, why not buy the unlocked Republic compatible variant from Motorola directly? No service provider directly sells every model it supports.

If referring to the Moto One 5G Ace, I wouldn’t be so certain of that: Call for Early Adopter Beta testers: New Moto phones announced 1/8/21.

Given Republic supports the A11, A21 and A51, I’d like to see Samsung’s Galaxy A71 supported also.


I wasn’t confident I would buy the correct one if I didn’t but one from RW.
When will RW allow 5G?

If you buy the unlocked Moto Edge from Motorola’s website, it is the Republic compatible variant. Do not buy the more expensive Moto Edge+, which is a Verizon exclusive.

The answer to that question is an unknown. For now, 5G is more marketing talking point as opposed to meaningful reality. More on that is linked here:

Of course, 5G will ultimately become meaningful reality. Meanwhile any 5G capable phone that is Republic compatible will work just fine on 4G LTE.


Good to know the true reality behind 5G! I might look into the Edge phone if I decide to stay with RW.
Thanks for the info!

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For real! I switched about 2 months ago, my sister switched 1 month ago, and when my parents’ year of prepaid service runs out in June, they’ll be switching too. For me, it was the price and phone availability and compatibility with websites and call quality, for my sister it was price and phone availability, for my parents it’s almost purely price but also the compatibility with websites (the sites won’t let you verify through phone number because they read our RW # as voip or landline and not a valid cellphone).

On top of all that, I pay about $9 less for 1GB more of data? There’s basically no downside! If RW still did refund plans but for the 3.0 phones, then I’d probably have been sticking with them for the meantime…since I basically don’t use any cell data with isolation and staying at home all the time…but they don’t.

When I first signed up, I was paying $12/month, by the end of last year, I was paying $24/month. Sure, when I first signed up, emojis, shortcodes, and some other stuff didn’t work, but it was cheappp and I was younger. Now they do have emojis and shortcodes, but I sure as heck don’t feel like I’ve gained double the value from their service…that’s why I switched to that cheaper, more functional, and more choice (as in phones) plan.

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Thanks for sharing! That is good to know before I switch over to T-Mobile. It is a no brainer $15 per month with no restrictions and I assumed the same T-mobile towers. RW as I have said is falling the behind in the value department and the lack of phone choices are hurting them also.

I am probably an outlier here, but I’m perfectly happy with my Moto G and RW service. The phone has served me well for many years (and hopefully for many more). Granted I don’t use the phone for everything in my life – phone calls, text, email, a few apps and occasional web surfing when I absolutely can’t find a better device on which to do that. No complaints. But most importantly has been the support here. I ask a question, I get an answer. The people here are amazing and helpful. I haven’t had that experience with other phone companies. And while the Moto G may not be the finest device out there, if it falls in the drink I’m not going to be particularly bothered.


I’ve never needed support here, except once for trying to resolve low call volume when on WiFi, which never got any solution.

Don’t get me wrong, I ejoyed using my 2013 Moto X and my Pixel 1 on RW (for the most part), but my Pixel is getting old and when it eventually dies I don’t want a Samsung, Google, or Motorola phone to replace it (I don’t like where they’ve been going with phone hardware design)…so either I’d have to settle for one of those brands to stay on RW, or I’d have to jump ship anyway when that time comes.

A nice side feature I forgot to mention about that $15 plan --every year you stay with them, they’ll up your data allotment by 500MB for up to 5 years if I recall right… so by year 5, I’ll still be paying ~17 (because tax) but then for 4.5GB of data each month. I had been with RW for like 7 years so that seems totally reasonable to me.

Everyone’s experience is different. Based on my experience with T-Mobile Prepaid support, I sincerely hope not needing support continues for you.

I may be missing something in the T-Mobile Connect (the T-Mobile Prepaid plan to which you refer) TOS (terms of service), however, I see no evidence the plan pricing of $15/month is guaranteed for a particular length of time. T-Mobile states Connect plans are a “Limited time offer, subject to change”. My understanding is the pricing is guaranteed for three years as part of the regulatory approval of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger I suggest reading the TOS for T-Mobile’s Connect plan as there’s also language suggesting a need to pay for more than one month at a time. Specifically, I’m referring to:

if sufficient balance, services automatically renew at expiration. If balance is insufficient to renew all lines on your account for 120 days, all lines will be suspended for 30 days.

You may be an outlier in the thread but not at all in terms of satisfaction with Republic’s service. Republic regularly wins awards for its service. Candidly, it’s entirely possible to find less expensive pricing than Republic’s. The question, for me, is value, which I define as a fair price for the service provided. Of course, we each define fair and value differently and that’s perfectly fine. It’s why market competition is a good thing.


Yes I didn’t mention the additional 500 mb you receive each year you stay. That is a nice bonus! I am leary of the price staying at $15 also but if they guarantee it for a set time that is good. My plan on RW ends in April and after many years with them, I am done… Looking for something better.

I’ve been with Republic since almost it’s inception. I started on a Defy and am now on a Moto G Stylus. No one demands more from their phone than I do. It’s loaded with over 100 apps and I essentially use it in place of my laptop. It’s fast reliable and tough. It outperforms my wife’s Apple phone both in reception and speed. All for around $300. A great deal I say.


I’m a long time member. I use the Samsung s10. It’s not a " low end" phone, I agree. When I read about other companies offering a better deal I wonder if it’s really a few dollars that makes people change. For the cost of a cup of coffee, I can get awesome service, wifi calling, and a stable, long term pricing plan. I live in so cal, and there are many spots where tmo, and sprint, both have lousy service. Wifi saves the day. I’m old, but I wouldn’t switch from a proven, top notch provider. One final thought. Many other plans are North of $40 per month. RW is in the lower 90% cost wise already. I’m a fan, and am staying with a winner.


Thanks for your comments Scotto, I amprimarily are on wifi since my work and home have it, so any service a person uses would satisfactory. Its interesting that you say that tmobile and sprint is not good in your areas but that is what your phone operates on when using cell service…
Sounds like you don’t use much data and you mention that most plans are north of $40 but the “Big 3” All offer plans that would be under $40 per month for pre paid unlimited talk, text and some data 2GB-8GB.

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