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I really enjoy republic wireless. I want to stay with you guys. I really really do. But I must say, the google FI is starting to get very competitive with you guys. I hope you guys consider stepping up the competition, specifically by offering more data for the cost.

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$20: Republic 1GB, Fi 0GB
$30: Republic 3GB, Fi 1GB
$40: Republic 5GB, Fi 2GB
$50: Republic 7GB, Fi 3GB
$60: Republic 9GB, Fi 4GB
$70: Republic 11GB, Fi 22GB

So, Unless you need more than 11GB of data, Republic remains less expensive.


Ahhh. Eyes deceived me. Ok republic wins!


I tried to get Republic to match Altice one phone service. It cost $30. per month without suddenlink internet $$$ $20.00 $$$$$$ per month for UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT & INTERNET WITH A SUDDENLINK ACCOUNT.

Republic can’t match pricing like that because they don’t require a really profitable home internet service in order to get their service.

Check who @louisdi response was directed toward … it was an off-topic plug for another phone service, not a response about Google-Fi

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Hi @jben,

Thanks for bringing that to my attention.


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