Complaints? Non-existent!

I enjoy seeing the Community Summary hit my email. I like to read the few, very few, whines - people pouring their frustration or questions. One can learn from others’ techno puzzles. I never have any moans of my own to post and I’m a critical old guy. I keep waiting for Republic to become too big to provide such personal connections with all the members but I am relieved that will not, apparently, be the company climate in the future for Republic. Too many companies have bots to block the way to temper any customer rant, but Republic is amazingly like calling up a friend (or Mom) for a suggested solution. I deal with a lot of glitches almost daily to keep our household flying. Deaf companies are the worst. After a call or chat to some customer ■■■■ in Mumbai I put down my Republic phone, stare at it, and sometimes wonder what the Republic employees spike their water coolers to still collectively be a company that does a good job of customer care. I just had to pat you guys on the back. Until Republic becomes too big and sassy I’m here to stay.


Hi @DeanInDunedin,

Thank you so very much for such a kind message and for making me laugh out loud right here in the middle of the office.


Thanks for the kind feedback. I started in customer support and now work in quality assurance, my job is to make sure new phones and updates work well for everyone. I’m glad things worked well for you, but I want to stress if something isn’t satisfactory to get us to know! We always want to make our offering better!


@DeanInDunedin Thank you so much for your post and your support!

My name is Doc Shufelt and I’m the SVP and General Manager of Republic Wireless. We are very fortunate to have outstanding people here at Republic, like @southpaw and @JamesT, that truly care about members and are always looking for ways to provide great service with a personal touch. Our mission here is to give folks an affordable, hassle-free cell phone experience so you spend your time and money making memories, not making calls to your phone company! I’m glad to hear that you’re having a great experience with us and please let us know if there is anything we can be doing better!

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If Republic becomes too big and sassy, you might consider buying their IPO. Who doesn’t wish they had purchased stock in the Broadcom parent company?

Perhaps, you mean Bandwidth not Broadcom was the company from which Republic was spun out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. You can tell that I own neither Bandwidth nor Broadcom, unfortunately. Both companies seem to be market winners.

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