Complicated upgrade question

I’ll break it down.

I have two republic wireless phones:

A moto g fast (32gb)

and Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)

I would like to upgrade the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) to a moto g play (2021) which will get the same Republic Wireless phone number I have had on the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017).

What might be the tricky part is that I would like to bring the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)* BACK into Republic Wireless service with a new number – it’s still a good phone that works well. This would be a third number. I already have a number to import from an Altel phone I also use but I’m done with.

I hope all of the above makes sense. Can anyone outline how I proceed?

Thank you!

Hi @chrisr.4bokqc,

This may not be as complicated as one might think.

Presuming the intent is to purchase the 2021 Moto G Play at Republic’s online store, upon receipt and once past initial phone setup (power the phone on then follow onscreen prompts for that), activate the 2021 Moto G Play as a replacement for the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7:

Service (number and plan) will move from the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7 to the 2021 Moto G Play. The 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7 will be deactivated as a result of activating the 2021 Moto G Play to replace it.

Next, if the user of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7 will be different, giving them a fresh start with a factory reset is best practice:

Post reset, setup the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7, then activate as a new line of service:


I feel totally heard. :slight_smile:

Please to learn all this is simple.

Thank you!


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