Computer not recognizing the Huawei Ascend


I have a work computer (PC) that will not recognize when I plug my phone into the USB to upload pics. My Moto G didn’t have this problem. Do I need to update a driver or?


have you try connecting to the computer and checking the notifications on the phone (one finger drag down from top of the phone) (most phones need you at allow USB data connection now)

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Nope. No notifications and unfortunately I’m seeing this connect problem all over Google. :frowning:


This is not a pop-up notification…but when you connect your phone over USB…then an item
should appear in your notification shade…that says…“USB for charging”…when you tap on it…you can change it to “USB for File Transfer (MTP)”…once you do that the phone should appear as a folder on your PC


The only notification area I see is the one where I pull down and shows that I’m connected to Wifi and that I received an email from gmail. I’m not seeing anything else. Is this not the correct area?


That is the right place to look… I’m not sure why you don’t see the “USB for Charging” notification there… maybe other members with that phone can chime in.


No, the only thing that happens is a “ding!” when I connect it to the USB and then it shows its charging in the battery meter. No notification.


You may want to try another cable… some USB cables are for charging only.


My old phone connects with this cable, though.


You may want to inspect the micro USB port of the Huawei phone…to see if you see anything amiss over there.


Seems like a nice tight fit when plugged in and it charges. I’ll try the cord that came with it when I get home but unfortunately this seems to be a problem with other owners according to the Google search results.


Ok, good luck…let us know how that works out. We haven’t seen widespread reports of usb connectivity issues at least on the forums here.


Hi @shawnm.6jt9iy,

Huawei’s EMUI (flavor of Android) is a bit different. When you swipe down from the top of your Ascend, you should see two headings; Notifications and Shortcuts.

  1. Tap Shortcuts.
  2. Among other notifications, you should then see “USB connected”.
  3. Tap Files.

Does your computer now see your phone?

If not, tapping USB connected should bring up USB connection help. Tap Windows and see if anything there helps.

Another thought, I understand perfectly the logic suggesting the cable that worked with your Moto G should also work with your Ascend, however, have you tried the cable that came in the box with your Ascend?


When I tap Shortcuts all I see is, My Wifi, Bluetooth, Settings, Auto-Rotate, Mobile Data, Sound, Hotspot, Airplane mode, and Screen shot. Where is the “USB Connected”? Its not under shortcuts or notifications.


My apologies, I mistyped. You need to tap Notifications not Shortcuts.


No, it doesn’t show up in notifications. It dings a bell when I plug it in and starts charging. No notification though.


Then if you haven’t already done so, please try the cable Huawei supplied with your Ascend. Your logic that the cable which worked with your Moto G should work is sound. But, since you have a cable provided with the phone, why not try it?

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Yep, that’s the plan when I get home. I didn’t bring that cable with me to work because I assumed the one I have here wasn’t going to be a problem. And my computer at home is Windows 10 compared to this XP dinosaur, LOL


Uh-oh… I just remembered that when I tried to connect the USB to the car radio , the radio wouldn’t recognize it either. Different cord. Got an Error message on the radios faceplate. Is there anyone at Republic I could actually speak with to see if this phone is defective or am I just not doing something right in the settings.


Hi @shawnm.6jt9iy,

You may always raise a help ticket with republic support. That said, candidly, I think you’re a ways off from where that would be productive. I strongly suggest trying the cord that came with your Ascend. If that doesn’t work, you’re looking at additional troubleshooting up to and including a factory reset before potential warranty replacement would be a consideration.

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