Concern about a potential boot issue on the Nexus 6P

I recently purchased a Nexus 6P. Since my purchase, I have read about issues with the phone going into an endless booting cycle. I didn’t read about this issue on the RW phone reviews, which were mostly positive. Should I be concerned about this issue?

Is there reason to believe this is not an issue on RW sysyem?

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I haven’t noticed the boot issue, but we have had a half dozen folks with echo complaints. Echo needs a time element for it to show up, so not everyone with this phone will experience echo.

Note that every phone has issues.Since this phone is showing eighty percent of the reviews as being 4 stars or better on Amazon, that’s probably as good as it gets for a phone. So I guess you put your money down and take your chances and hope the manufacture takes care of you if you have an issue.

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