Concerning wifi security and recommendations to not use free wifi

With Cybersecurity Experts warning of the insecurity of Free Public Wifi Networks, is Republic Wireless providing any suggestions for staying safe? The experts are suggesting to not use wifi unless you are on your own network… How does that work w/in RW’s offerings? Are there phone settings that will aid this?

It is always a good idea to be careful about what WiFi networks you connect to. It is true that RW is a WiFi first service and encourages you to use WiFi whenever feasible. However, the WiFi connection is not forced upon you. You still have the choice to pick which WiFi networks you connect to. So, it would be prudent not to connect random open WiFi networks that you don’t trust.

Usually, WiFi networks that have additional login credentials to enter…will tend to be more secure as the provider is making an extra effort to track its users…and hopefully that is a sufficient deterrent to keep the miscreants out.

Using open/public WiFi networks…for making financial transactions or other personal/security matters is simply asking for trouble. It is better to limit the use of such networks to generic browsing/searches…anything that doesn’t require you to punch in any personal/sensitive info.

To aid you in using the Internet cautiously, most sites (legitimate ones) now use https and provide you with visual indications of the site safety.

I feel secure going to known sites with HTTPS as it is Encrypted end to end, and I will never login to any site if it does not show locked in HTTPS … as you user id/password would be in the clear

  • Here is a good discussion What Is HTTPS, and Why Should I Care?
    Here is what you see with different browsers going to Republic

  • Republic Wireless using Chrome:

    • Chrome provides this information by drilling down on the lock or Secure

  • Republic Wireless using Firefox:

    • Firefox provides further information by drilling down on the i or the lock

  • Republic Wireless on IE:

    • IE provides further information by drilling down on Lock

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