Conditional call forwarding

I am using a Samsung A50 phone with my Republic Wireless subscription. I am using Android version 10.

I have been looking in the Google Play Store for apps that will allow me to screen my calls. There are several that act as personal assistants. They check to see if the call is from one of your contacts; if so, it passes the call to you. If it is not one of your contacts, it answers the call and asks the caller to state their business and any other message they want to pass to you. It lets you listen to your reply. If you want to take the call, it lets you pick up. If not, it asks the caller to leave a message.

PROBLEM: it requires “conditional call forwarding”.

I tried to install this one app with all the features listed in the paragraph (above) but Android told me that it could not install it.

Question: Does RW allow “conditional call forwarding”?**

Can anyone recommend a phone app that allows this kind of screening without this feature?

On my wife’s phone, when the call comes in, she gets a choice of taking the call or sending a text to the person telling them to send her a text (or call back in 30 minutes)


A search of Republics Help Article doesn’t indicate that this feature is offered. You may want to see if there is any 3rd party apps available in Google Play Store

Republic’s VM Forwarding is a form of conditional call forwarding that forwards unanswered or busy calls to whatever number you specify. You can set it up following the steps here: How to Enable Voicemail Forwarding – Republic Help (

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