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Hi. In short, I want to ensure I reactive my phones so I don’t lose my current number. I have already purchased SIM Kits from RW and plan on reactivating two phones I had previously with RW that are now currently with Sprint. I also plan on porting in those numbers. I have kept my old RW account open, but there are currently no lines associated with the account.

Here are the steps I will be taking but I have a few clarifying questions:

  1. Insert new GSM SIMs and active them using RW APP under my old RW account. I will get new “temporary” phone numbers during activation, correct?
  2. Port in old numbers from Sprint to RW which will replace the ones assigned during initial activation.
  3. Cancel Sprint, though if I port out numbers won’t they cancel my plans automatically?

Am I missing anything? This may seem overly simple, but I’m just paranoid to get the process done right the first time. Thanks!

Hi @akerson23hu and thanks for dropping back into the Community!

You are correct on points 1 and 2. and, generally, correct on point 3. It would be fine to check in with Sprint after Republic has advised you the ports from Sprint have completed but, as you allude to, not necessary as service there will cancel with completion of the port.

In case it’s helpful, Republic’s documentation for porting in is here: How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless – Republic Help.

Since you’re coming back (and welcome back) from Sprint, should Republic GSM coverage prove inadequate, please know Republic is able to offer for many but not all phones a CDMA option as well. Psst, if applicable, it would be the same coverage you’ve had at Sprint.

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And just to verify, I can’t use my previous GSM SIM cards that were once activated on RW, correct?

you can reuse the Republic GSM SIM if they have been deactivated for less than 20 days (republic sims expire after being deactivate for 20 days)

Thanks. I am assuming once my previous RW lines were ported out to Sprint, the SIMS were deactivated. There isn’t a scenario in which a SIM stays activated, yet no service tied to it is there?

Hi @akerson23hu,

If you were no longer billed for the service lines, the SIM cards were deactivated.

Dumb question, but do text messages transfer from the previous carrier or will I need to back up those?

Text messages do not transfer from your previous carrier unless you’re using the same phone in which case the messages will stay on the phone. There’s some advice here about moving between phones: How to Transfer Contacts, Photos, Text messages and Other Info to Your New Phone

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