Confirming reset has been performed properly

I see plenty of posts regarding returning the phone to Republic, but none about confirming that this has been done properly before packing it up in the box. Also, I’ve told Republic that the steps to clear your Google account are not included in the reset document.


when returning or passing on to another user it best to de-link the Google Account and factory reset via the phone’s setting menu (the fastboot reset {done though the power volume buttons} triggers the phone disable lock unless one has the google account that was on the phone before the reset

Republic offers this Help Center document:

Step 2 in the above referenced document links to this document:

Quoting from that document:

  • If you are performing a factory reset before selling your cell phone, giving your cell phone to someone else, or returning your cell phone , please ensure you have removed any screen locks and have removed the “Kill Switch” protection by performing your factory reset through the Settings menu. Performing a factory reset through recovery mode or from a remote source will not remove the “Kill Switch” protection feature. If you are sending your cell phone back to Republic for any reason, you must remove this feature to be eligible for a refund or to avoid being charged for a replacement phone. Please review our Return and Replacement Policy? for more info.

If one performs the factory reset via the Settings app as opposed to using recovery, there is no need to remove one’s Google account.


That I know. Doesn’t answer the post’s question.

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