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My Hotmail email account with Microsoft has conflict with Google Gmail account.


If your hotmail has a problem with google give it a kick to the curb! (Just a little humor). Could you explain the problem a little more clearly? I had a problem loading my outlook school account through Gmail but by installing Microsoft Outlook to manage my outlook it started working a lot better and came in more frequently.


Thanks for checking on my question. So I have a Hotmail for years. I got new Moto G3 & had to set up Gmail. So then I am asked if I want to add another email. So put in Hotmail & things stated crossing up. All these messages from both parties show all over. So I try to delete them & they just go over to the other one. Then I get a message from Microsoft that I need to rename my junk file . So Hotmail has junk & trash and Gmail has spam & trash.

I am on tech person, I have stuff that doesn’t work & things that seem it won’t let me have.

Like if I go to settings and pick more under the wireless/networks I get to question mobile networks. Go no it & I get mobile networks home only & it is faint gray and you can’t or it won’t respond when you try to touch on it.

I so many things & I have 2 phones on my account…


It sounds like you are using the unified inbox in the new Gmail App. There are 2 ways to fix this, the hamburger menu (top left of the gmail app) will let you click each email and view separate inboxes (press inbox instead of all inboxes). The accounts can be chosen at the top in circles ( I have 3 accounts on my Gmail app so one has an exchange logo and the other 2 have the google photo of me). Another way to separate it out is just by using 2 different apps. This can be achieved by deleting the hotmail account (settings > accounts > exchange >“whatever your account is” > 3-dot menu > remove account). Then you install Outlook and put your hotmail on that app since it is separated and easy to check.

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