Confused about 1GB credit


I received automatically today a credit of 1GB data . The only problem is , my cycle ends in 4 days and it seems like a waste of a credit. I also don’t know why I got this credit. The republic app says I purchased 3GB of data, but my plan is for 2GB … Also I have been using this phone for 2 months and it replaced a moto e 2nd gen and before that I had a moto G. My data usage monthly on both these phones never reached 1GB within the month except once. Since I have been using Moto G play phone my data use has gone way up. I haven’t changed my usage or installed any apps that are different from previous phones , so why the increased data?


Hi @laurab.yspgid!

The credit is a gift from Republic with no strings attached. Have you checked to see what is using up your data? You can check it in the Republic app and it will tell you which apps are using data the most.



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