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I currently have a Moto X first gen which I purchased from Republic a long while back. The coverage here is pretty good. I just bought a Moto X4 from Best Buy, but when going to order the SIM card, I am told that BYOP is not available here. This has probably been explained before, but why does a Republic purchased phone have coverage, but an outside phone with a SIM card from Republic does not?

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Hi @andrews.ytekei,

We provide cellular coverage by means of a SIM card for one of our two carrier-partners. The technology behind those SIM cards is different; one of those two kinds of SIM cards requires us to associate the SIM card with the phone in order to activate the SIM card. The other kind can be activated without this prior association. In order to accomplish this association, the phone has to be in our system, either by being in our inventory or by being previously activated on our service.

This means we can sell only the SIM card that does not require the prior association for the BYOP phones. If the coverage checker indicates BYOP is not available there, it means that SIM card does not have good coverage in your area.

Since you know coverage on your Moto X (1st Gen) is good, you could get the BYOP SIM card and activate the phone (which could be tricky if there’s truly no coverage). Once the phone is activated on our service, then ask our support team to send you the other kind of SIM card so you’ll have the same coverage that the X1 enjoys.

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Your X 1st gen uses the CDMA partner(Sprint).
BYOP phones must activate using GSM(Tmobile) first.
As southpaw mentioned, if the Coverage Checker sees that GSM coverage is not available or too poor for your zip code, it will say BYOP is not available for you.

Buddy of mine I tried to get to move to R.W has this issue. His area has no GSM coverage. He would have to drive about 50 miles away to get coverage. Where as he has ample CDMA coverage.

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Thank you. I am no longer confused. It looks like GSM is available in Ventura nearby. Any idea how long the shipping will take?

Hi @andrews.ytekei,

If you order tonight with overnight shipping, the order would process tomorrow. Because there’s no delivery on weekends or holidays, you would not receive the SIM card until Tuesday. It would not surprise me if it reached you as quickly if you ordered with USPS shipping.

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Thank you. You have been very helpful.

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Normally about a week with the free shipping. Free shipping is via USPS that delivers on Saturdays.


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Entirely dependent upon where one is located relative to the shipping facility. In Florida, I’ve received Republic SIMs shipped first class mail in as little as two days.

Were your 2 day SIMs sent from a RW Store fulfillment center?

In a word, yes! First class mail (as opposed to UPS Mail Innovations) can move very quickly.

When ever a smooth writer as you says In a word it may mean theres’s more to the facts.

Asked because SIMs ordered over a weekend didn’t arrive until the following Friday from a distance that would normally take USPS 2, 3 days max.

Sorry to disappoint you but no grand mystery. Our humble forum software requires a response longer than the three letters that make up the word yes.

I received the SIM card. I can activate the phone using my wireless connection, but I don’t want to port my old number until I get the new SIM card. Can I activate it with a new number, get the new SIM card, then port my old number?

Hi @andrews.ytekei,

You mentioned earlier in this conversation that you currently have a Republic Wireless Moto X 1st Gen. Moving the phone number from the Moto X 1st Gen does not involve “porting”; that’s a process of moving a number from one carrier to another.

You can activate your new phone with a new number. When you go through the activation, sign in with your Republic Wireless credentials. In the course of the process, you’ll be asked whether you want to add a new line of service or move the existing phone number to the new phone. Choose to add a new line of service.

Once you get the replacement SIM card, cancel the new phone in the account portal. Activate the replacement SIM card in the new phone and this time as you go through the process, when asked whether to select a new line of service or move the existing phone number to the new phone, choose to move the number. Doing so will de-activate the Moto X 1st Gen and move its number to your new phone, now activated with the same kind of coverage that you enjoyed on the Moto X 1st Gen.

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