Confused About Number Transfer Request Instructions

I’d like to transfer from Virgin Mobile to Republic Wireless, but I’d like to keep my phone number. I just purchased a new phone from RW and made this account, so I’m not in a rush but I would like to know how to submit this request soon.

The second step of the instructions to submit a number transfer request says “Under the service line you’d like to transfer your number to, click the up arrow next to I WANT TO…” I looked around under “Account” but I can’t find anything this step mentioned, not the words “service line” nor an up arrow nor the words “I WANT TO…”

Where exactly do I find the things mentioned in this step? Or do I need to wait for my phone to arrive or activate the phone before this option is available? I’m rather confused about how I proceed here, especially since I’ve never changed service providers before.

You must wait both for the phone to arrive and you must then activate with a Republic number and only after those two steps will you see the option available in the portal.

Maybe that should be mentioned in the instructions, then. Thank you so much for your help!

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I’ve provided your feedback to the documentation team.

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This request can only be submitted after you’ve created a Republic Wireless account and have an active phone.

I agree it should be more prominently described in the Support Note.

Main thing is don’t cancel Virgin. One the porting is complete your Virgin line should be canceled automatically.

Thank you! I’ll leave my Virgin Mobile account alone. The automatic cancellation part is good to know as well, I hadn’t realized that was a thing.

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