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I have the .5GB plan but got warning my data was all used up at 279MB. Why is this?



Hi @lauras.yqglr2

Where are you seeing the warning?. You can set your phone to warn you at a certain point in Android.

It would be helpful to know which phone you have.

Go to Settings/DataUsage and you can slide the warning bar up and down.

If this is not the issue, please add some detail and we should be able to help.



Good morning;Dang–I forgot to bring my phone with me, (a Moto G3) but I received this email message:

When I went into my data settings on my phone, it shows the slider with 297MB data used. I’ll admit I don’t quite understand all the data settings, but know that turning roaming ON seemed to use up the rest of my data within 10 minutes.
Regards, Laura

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Do you possibly have roaming turned on in the Republic app? If you use roaming data, even a little, it could have this effect.



I had turned roaming on, which brought on the message. Is it saying I used all my data because of a glitch, do you think? I expected roaming to use lots more data, but not within 15 minutes! Regards, Laura



Hi @lauras.yqglr2,

Roaming on Republic’s 2.0 plans uses data 18.3 times faster than native data, so it can indeed go very quickly. Do you know if you are in a roaming area? What does Sprint’s map tell you:



Yes, I was in a roaming area, but my confusion was that it told me I was out of data at 279MB when my plan is for 0.5GB. Thought I should have another 220MB or so left!? Regards, Laura



Hi @lauras.yqglr2,

Your math is impeccable, however, where did you see you had used 279MB of cell data? Was this the Republic app or Android settings? The Republic app will count every 1 MB of roaming data as 18.3 MB of native data.

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Hi there. I think you just solved it for me. I always thought the Android setting was tied to Republic wireless, but just saw that the RW app shows 471MB used! (Though I should still have a little bit of data left.)

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