Confusing wifi usage


I received a notification that my cell data was at 75% but on my phone I had only used 450 mbs of my 1000 mbs. I don’t understand.


This is likely because you aren’t looking in the correct place for data usage. You should be looking in the Republic app on your phone for data usage. Go into the Republic app and click on the cell signal icon. That will show you your data usage.


Hi @virginiam.yrvmx7
1GB of data is 1024mb just sayin if you want your numbers right.


Hi @virginiam.yrvmx7,

Have you made sure that the dates for the report you’re viewing align with your billing cycle date? If so, and if the RW app is still reporting substantially less than 75%, you might trying refreshing it with a VoIP reset. Instructions are here:


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