Confusion over how an Italian SIM card would work


So I am totally confused whether or not putting an Italian SIM card in my phone will work over there. I don’t understand how any of this works, will I be charged extra to call home? Will texting work? Has anyone done this and been successful? I will be away from my kids for three weeks and must be able to talk to them!!!
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Depends on what phone you have if it can support a international SIM.
The old R.W custom Legacy Refund Plan phones can not use any other network.
The current model phones are factory unlocked and can support a local SIM from other countries.
Using a local SIM will make it no longer a R.W phone, but one local to that company SIM.
There is some articles with info on this:


Hi @MomJen,

If you want to be able to call US numbers while you are overseas, you’ll want to keep your phone as-is, and use it when on a good Wi-Fi network. On Wi-Fi, it will work just as it does at home, making calls and sending texts to US and Canadian numbers.


Thank you so much! :blush::blush:


Thank you for all your help! :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


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