Congratulations to your attorneys

Kudos to the legal team!

They have managed to so totally mung up the terms and conditions so as to bury your customers in confusing, high volume legal-ese, so as to make them COMPLETELY useless.

I suspect this was exactly the intent.

And people wonder why attorneys are rated just below used car salespeople in trust and respect (with all due regards to used car salespeople)

Hi @syfr,

Welcome back to our member Community.

We have a great legal team, and all of them value our members and their experience with Republic Wireless very highly.

You can congratulate and thank the federal goverment for a very complex system of federal regulations imposed upon the telecom industry, regulations that some argue have not kept pace with today’s technology. Our legal team must work very hard to make sure we remain in compliance with those regulations while serving our members well.

Is there something specific about our service and policies you’d like to ask about?


How about when implementing changes, instead of feeding a huge page count of stuff very very few can afford the time to read AND are likely incapable of understanding since the document is written in legal-ese, preface it with a summary of “What changed in this revision”


Thanks @syfr,

That would be a very useful addition. I’ll pass along your suggestion.



As it is, it’s hard to take seriously that it’s anything more than a information dump meant to intimidate the potential reader.


LOL - wait until you NEED an attorney! Then you will be telling a different story.



The point was, unlike a murder trial or a federal grand jury indictment, you shouldn’t need to consult an attorney to determine whether you agree to your cell phone providers new terms.


Hmmm? Then who would you nominate to write out rules and regulations that were as airtight as possible?


Well that depends Mr Attorney:

  • are you trying to immunize your company by burying the consumer in incomprehensible gibberish


  • provide meaningful , transparent information to your customers, so as to clearly explain the responsibilities of both parties?

I never claimed to want to write out “airtight” rules. … that’s your invention.


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Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society that has resulted in a system where companies need to protect themselves in crazy manners. In addition, telecom is one of the most highly regulated industries out there, making tons of T&Cs necessary.

In both cases the language that has to be used in these agreements has to be language that stands up to legal challenges in court. That language can be quite obtuse to a non-lawyer (and sometimes even lawyer).

I do agree that Republic should include a “here’s what’s changed” summary with each new version so that a user can simply review the relevant changed parts rather than have to wade through the whole agreement again, trying to figure out what’s new.


I think we should take a moment here to appreciate that @southpaw was able to redirect a sarcastic, negative post into a practical suggestion for improvement. It’s not as though RW is the tip of the spear with respect to long and confusing legalese in terms & conditions/EULA documents.

Sometimes you can have more success coming out with a question, suggestion, or specific problem statement than going directly to accusation.


I may be wrong, however, I interpret the original post as sarcasm. @louisdi is sadly correct regarding the litigiousness of our society. That is, at least, in part due to well lawyers. We (companies and sometimes individuals) then need to pay other lawyers to protect our interests.

Yes! Sarcasm…its a thing!

There’s a lot of truth in all the posts (except for calling my post “negative”). Legal disclaimers have gone from the original intent (“let’s put down in black and white what our business agreement is”) to the weaponized mumbo jumbo we have today.

NOBODY here can say that they actually read that agreement and know what it says, and what changed.

That’s a problem!

Until we as consumers push back (Whether it be Republic or General Motors) and say “enough is enough, I’m going to call you out on this” nothing will change.

I’ve been with Republic longer than most here, and I really like the company. Letting the lawyers run rampant with the sole aim of obfuscating the legal agreement in an attempt to immunize the company, happens to the detriment of the consumer. Are people really OK with accepting " Yeah, we turned the pit bulls in legal to bury things so that you’ll be forced to accept Ts and Cs without reading them ". If so, great!

The justification of “everyone does it these days” isn’t any more valid that we all tried it as kids. I know everyone does it.

Republic should be better than the others.

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Just curious, have you read the TOS for companies like Apple and Google? Or Microsoft for Windows?
They are by far, much worse and far more guilty of what you seem to be accusing RW of doing. (gotta love the lines where companies state, “these terms may change without any notice or consent” Do you agree to this? Yes ok, u can use the item, no, sorry, return it to the store)

Such legal writing style documents have been around long before computers, smartphones, internet…nothing has changed in the reasons as to why they exist. Things do have to evolve and more terms defined for the ever increasing brad range of legal situations and scenarios that may arise.

Back in the day, when one had to pull out a out dated physical dictionary to look up a term, these days, web search takes seconds, and there is the definition and further info on the word/term you do not understand.

And…well, its kinda common scene/well known thing, that the average customer, consumer, person, never reads those pop up boxes, or Terms of Service, or U must agree to continue things…should they yes, but they don’t care, they just want to use the thing they bought.

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^^ Point missed.

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You are correct that I can’t say what changed.
But you are incorrect that nobody actually read the agreement. I am the frustrating person that you are behind in line who takes the time to read that small print. I annoy people often because I take the time to read agreements and terms and conditions.
Yes, it’s frustrating that T&C’s have become so out of control. But, it’s odd to see you blame Republic for anything more than “Hey, why don’t you highlight the changes”.
I came from Sprint. They changed their T&C’s without notifying the customers one year. That backfired. I’ve been getting notices since January 1st about privacy agreement changes due to California’s changes. None of those companies have highlighted for me what changed.
Yes, we can ask for better. But, it’s weird to throw one company under the bus for doing better than status quo by notifying that something changed. And yes, we can pushback. But I think that requires a larger forum than this.


Fear not. You are entitled to all the justice you can afford.


Push back starts small…

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