Connect to USB 3.1 Port


Can I connect my Micro USB cable to a UBS 3.1 port for my Moto G play?


Hi @richardr.m7wfqu
Yes you can connect to 3.0 ports. By 3.1 are you referring to 3.1 output as in a wall charger? Yes 3.1v usb is fine for charging. The 3.0 usb port on say a laptop will work too but wall chargers are best for charging voltage. Laptops usb’s are slower in charging devices than a powerful charger with 1-4+ usb ports plugged into a home outlet.


Thank You, I got a new Gigabyte Motherboard that has only “UBS 3.1 Gen 1 Ports” on the back of it. It has 2.0 ports on the motherboard you can wire up to, but why bother if you do not need them.


Hi @richardr.m7wfqu
Have fun building that new PC. I hope you get a CPU that cooks in speed. Don’t skimp on the memory like some do. If you’re spending the money for High end parts keep that idea all the way through the build. Thanks for sharing!


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