Connect your phone via USB to your PC. Slide one finger down from the top Tap on “USB for Charging”

What phone do you have? Moto G3

What plan are you on? The rebate plan where I get credit for unused data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? I pay for 1/2/GB

I want to put music on my phone. I saw the help topic on how to do this but when I slide down from the top I cannot find "USB for Charging to tap.

Try a different USB port, for Windows you may need to restart the computer.

Be sure to completely unfold all the notifications on the one finger swipe. If you still can’t get it, while the phone is connected do the following:

Go to Settings
Tap on the spy glass to do a search
Type in USB computer
Tape on USB computer connection
Check the box for Media device (MTP)

Check on Windows to see that your phone now shows up, it will be called by it’s model number. You can use File Explorer or My Computer to explore your phone and move files around.

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I have tried 2 different USB ports.
I was able to find the Media device (MTP) box which was checked.

Windows 7 is not seeing the phone even though I have restarted the computer several times.

I don’t know how to determine if the phone is knows it is connected to a computer.

Try a different USB cable.

The “USB for charging” does not apply to the G3. That was a feature introduced starting Android 6.0 where the phone connects in charging mode as a default and needs to be switched to one of the other modes for photo or media transfer.

The G3 should connect without any additional changes to the settings. If you have a screen lock then you do need to unlock the screen before the folders appear on the computer.

You may need to update your Driver in Win 7. This will explain how it’s done with step by step photos. Just scroll down the article for the instructions:

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