Connected but no internet


sometimes when traveling, I get a message that says connected to wifi but no internet. I have a moto z play


Hi @stephenm.yxskca,

You reference traveling, so is it safe to presume you’re asking about publicly available WiFi. Typically, the owner of said WiFi requires one to accept terms and conditions before allowing Internet access. More here: WiFi – Republic Help.


So what does that mean? I am connected and can make voice calls over wifi, but no data? I want to understand what that means


What @rolandh is referring to is the browser needs opened to accept say Mcdonalds as the Wifi provider. Now this acceptance could be anyone’s business asking you to accept their terms.


The message you are seeing means that your phone has successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network, but the network itself is either not connected to the internet (like a cord is unplugged or there’s an outage) or, more often, the network is blocking access to the internet until you take some additional action, as @bocephous has described.


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