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I have a Moto G5 Plus- I work at a school in an area that does not get good service. I can connect to the schools guest internet but when I do it tells me connected but no internet. I have to keep my phone plugged in or my battery runs down because it seems to be searching for a signal. I can sometimes receive text but cannot text out. I can receive and make phone calls most of the time but not always. I guess my question is why can I connect to the wi-fi but not have internet access?


Hi @velinda,

Often with a guest network, you must also accept some terms and conditions before being able to use the internet. If you launch the browser and try to surf to some website you’ve never before visited, the Wi-Fi network should take over that browser session and present you with a page of conditions you have to accept.

If this does not happen, you may need to check with the school’s IT department to find out why the guest network does not have internet access.

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