Connected to wifi: why does 3.0 phone say connect to wifi to make calls?

I am submitting this question with airplane mode on but wifi enabled.

When I attempt to make a call with airplane mode on and wifi enabled, I get the message “Connect to wifi to make calls. Cellular network not available. Connect to wifi to make calls.”

To be clear: I am connected to a wifi network when this message appears: the Republic app thinks so, and the phone wifi setting thinks so. …For that matter, so does my browser, where I’m typing this question.



Hi @doodlehymer,

I see from other posts you have a Huawei Ascend 5W. If this issue is occurring on your Ascend; it’s a known bug with Huawei’s EMUI Dialer that will be fixed in a forthcoming update from Huawei. Meanwhile, the workarounds are:

  1. Don’t use Airplane mode. Calls will still use WiFi but Huawei’s Dialer doesn’t properly recognize that one is already connected to WiFi in the absence of cell signal.
  2. Use an alternative Dialer. I’ve tested this one: Marshmallow Dialer - Android 6 - Android Apps on Google Play. Others likely work as well.

I have seen that before, don’t remember which phone, and may have just ignored it and call went through?

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