Connecting to various wifi places...a question about one of the RW articles


Sorry for another strange question. Thanks for providing education and reassurance.

I was reading this thread:

I’m thinking of switching from Verizon (there since 1996/97) and really know nothing about anything.

Is this connecting to random wifi places really a problem? Is this something I need to be concerned about if I switch companies?

Second question being slipped in…I see that N11 numbers are not supported–you can’t call 211 or 411. Why is that?


Hi @carolb.atceqc

  • the issue of drive-by wifi connections is much less of a problem these days than it once was. Republic rolled out a feature a while back called “bonded calling” which enables a close interaction between wifi data, cell data, and cell voice channels to keep the voice call system working smoothly. i consider drive-fi to be a ‘nice to have’ app these days, but really JUST for your data usage (e.g. surfing the web while sitting in a car as a passenger). in this light any android phone from any carrier would have the same issues and would benefit from drive-fi in the same manner.

  • in other words: drive fi isn’t needed any more with RW than it would be for Verizon or other carriers.

  • N11 numbers are at least partially supported. for example i just dialed 211 as a test and it worked fine. 911 is obviously supported too. 411 is meant to direct you to a carrier’s directory assistance call center, RW doesn’t have a call center so that number isn’t supported. 611 is meant to connect you to a carrier’s support call center since RW doesn’t have a call center that’s also not supported. are there other N11 number you’d be eager to use? if you’d like i can test them and confirm whether they work for me.



Just wanted to add the workaround for 511 created by a fellow Community member


Thanks. One of the agreements a new person has to sign is about 911 service and the other N11 services. I was just wondering what that was about.


211, 311, 511 and 811 are all working for me on both GSM and CDMA phones. 711 and, of course, 911 already worked. 411 is a premium service (paid for by the caller rather than the receiver of the call). Given Republic is a prepaid discount service provider, I don’t see 411 support as feasible. 611 does not work for reasons you cite.

To the best of my knowledge, N11 numbers other than 711 and 911 are not “supported”. Lack of support means only that Republic doesn’t guarantee they will work. They do, however, work for me as described.


I suggest you try dialing 511 on your phone. You might just find it works, no workaround required.


Republic’s service blends Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) with standard cellular service. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi portion of Republic’s service.

Unlike everything else about Republic’s WiFi first service, 911 is cellular first meaning a 911 call is directed first via any compatible cell tower within range of one’s phone. If and only if, your phone is out of range of a compatible cell tower, a 911 call would be routed via WiFi. In that event your 911 location stored here would be transmitted with the call. Cellular isn’t currently capable of transmitting an address (it does transmit general location).

In some ways, a 911 call over WiFi because it’s VoIP would be superior to cellular but wouldn’t be as useful when out and about with a mobile phone. More on that here:


Yup…works just fine in MA! Thank you.


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