Connecting To WIFI At Home Depot With Moto X Pure Android 7.0 Software Updated



I wonder if anyone can tell me if they have been able to place a call using HD’s WI-FI Network. I have placed calls at 2 different HD locations and calls were connected using Celluar/Sprint. I connected to Home Depot WI-FI and Accepted Terms and browsed Internet. I have “Agressive WI-FI to Cellular handover” disabled, in Settings/Developer Options. Signal Strength is excellent. RW Tech Support has told me maybe Home Depot has network set up to not allow this? I wonder if Home Depot Tech Support would tell me this? Probably not… Any thoughts?



They probably have their guest Network setup to allow web use allowing ports 80 and 443 TCP. They probably block 5090 and all of the UDP audio ports. Can you text on that network?

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Most folks don’t touch Developer Options, so for troubleshooting purposes I suggest returning this to the default setting.

I have a Home Depot within walking distance, so could test, however, given today is the day before Christmas probably not until after the holiday. Not to underestimate anyone’s desire to prioritize WiFi over cellular. how important is this to you? All Republic plans do include unlimited talk and text on cellular as well as WiFi. Republic certainly appreciates us using WiFi first, however, the cellular backup is there for a reason.

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This setting is unrelated to Republic wifi calling, it is about how quickly the overall phone moves its data connection from wifi to cellular. Changing it wouldn’t have any impact on your issue unless the issue is that the phone is switching it’s overall connection to cellular (and in that case it wouldn’t have anything to do with Republic).

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Just went to the HD around the corner. Here’s what I can report.

Previously, the Home Depot provided free wifi with a “Home Depot Guest” SSID and you accepted the T&Cs on a Home Depot branded page. When the wifi was like this, wifi calling worked just fine.

Now, the Home Depot (near me) provides free wifi with an “AT&T Wifi” SSID. T&Cs accepted are AT&T T&Cs. On this new network, I am not able to make wifi calls neither with Republic, nor with my T-Mobile native S8. Looks like at least locally to me, their network “upgrade” blocks wifi calling.

If I had an AT&T phone that supported wifi calling I’d try that to see if the conspiracy theorist in me that’s saying “I bet AT&T wifi calling works” is right.

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