Connecting with Android Auto

I have a Samsung S9 phone running Android 10. I am unable to send texts and have problems making phone calls in my car. This problem started before the system update and has continued since. I get a voice response indicating I have a weak signal but everything else works fine on data. Any help would be appreciated.

This is not going to be the answer you want, but welcome to Android Auto. I’ve been suffering through Android Auto since its inception. It is quite literally the least reliable piece of software I’ve ever used. If you visit the Reddit dedicated to Android auto it is littered with stories like yours. In fact the “signal too weak” issue is one that is trending right now in that subreddit. There is likely nothing to do but wait for Google to release the next version which will probably fix this problem and then create a new one.

I have this problem occasionally on my Moto G6. I’ve found that clearing the cache helps immensely in making Android Auto behave.

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