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n. pl. con·nec·tiv·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being connected or connective.
2. The ability to make and maintain a connection between two or more points in a telecommunications system: I reset the router to restore internet connectivity.

The above is only a dictionary definition, but a recent noteworthy addition to the available Help Docs from Republic now includes image image image image to provide additional meaning

  • GREEN when calls can be routed over WiFi … GArc is back…WiFi for everything !
  • BLUE when calls will be routed over cell … Open Arc
  • GREY when there is a non-ideal network situation … Open Arc
  • RED when the member needs to take action …Warning Triangle

Thanks to the guys & gals of Republic Wireless!

Other Connectivity Aids

This is just a subset of all the information that is available to keep you connected with friends, family and loved ones.

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ETA2: The Help Team continues to update the meanings of the Notifications based on user feedback