Considering changing from iphone to other brand

I have been a long time iphone user, and I have just found out about Rep Wireless and considering the jump to another phone. How would I best get acquainted with the options? Is Android compatible with RW?
Most of these phones I see on the RW site are unfamiliar to me. Thanks!

Hi @karlak.e9ai6k and welcome to the Community!

All Republic compatible phones are indeed Android smartphones. All Android smartphones are, however, not Republic compatible. Samsung sells by orders of magnitude more Android smartphones in the U.S. than any other manufacturer. Google, Android is developed by Google much as iOS is developed by Apple, offers its own Pixel series. Motorola is a particularly popular brand with Republic members (Republic likes to call customers members) as it was the first Android brand compatible with Republic and generally offers a good value proposition.

If interested in more specific suggestions, it would help the Community to know which iPhone you currently use?

You might find the following Community resources to be of interest:

I don’t wish to overwhelm you with information, so I’ll leave it at that for now. Please do feel free to ask follow-up questions should you have any.


Hi there! So I currently own an iphone 7plus. The camera is really great and I take alot of photos!
An Apple phone is the only smart phone I have owned, so really unfamiliar with anything else. Which phone would have a really nice camera? Do any of the RW friendly phones have the portrait mode?

I have a Google Pixel 3a (NOT THE XL) and LOVE the camera on it. I paid just over $300 dollars for it last year. Take a look at my photos, as well as other 3a users’ photos here: Google Pixel 3a photo samples

Also I do believe the 3a has a slightly better camera than your Iphone 7 Plus based on the info on this site:

The AWESOME thing about the Pixel models 3a-5 is that you get unlimited high-resolution storage with Google Photos (not original resolution. That goes against 15 GB free storage you get with having a Google account). The ability for any phone with Google photos to save unlimited high-res photos went away with other phone models, and now those phones only get the 15 GB of storage for photos and you can buy more storage. At $1.99/mo you get I think 100 GB which is a pretty good deal, so even if you don’t get a Pixel, I think that’s a great price. Anyway, I’m getting off track here.

Here’s some more specs about the 3a that I like and also ones that I dislike to maybe make the decision easier:

  • It’s a fast-working phone

  • It has a removable battery (be aware that the 3a XL, which is different, does NOT have a removable battery)

  • It DOES have a headphone jack.

  • It has a fingerprint sensor on the back.

  • It has 64 GB of storage versus your 32 GB

  • And oh, the camera! The 3a is considered one of the best budget phones with the best camera. It’s so great.


  • You can only screen mirror to your TV if you have a Chromecast device. You can’t use Miracast or Airplay, you HAVE to use a Chromecast to do so (not a deal breaker for me).

*It’s not really waterproof, which is a downside. But you can get a good case that protects it from little spills, rain, etc. Just don’t drop it in the toilet or the pool!

  • I’m not sure if your iphone has expandable storage, but I can’t use an SD card in mine

  • It’s a tall and skinny phone so at first, holding it can feel pretty different.

Overall I give my phone a 4.5/5 stars. It’s a really good phone, at least for me! And even though it’s a Google-made phone, it’s operating system is still Android, which, in my opinion, is better in a lot of ways than the Apple operating system.

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you there. I just really love my phone and hope this helps you maybe decide on what phone to get, should you join Republic. Maybe other people can give you insight on the other Pixel phones, as I am not familiar with the other models.

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The iPhone 7 series is 4 years old now, so there are definitely Android phones that would be an upgrade.

Generally, Google’s Pixels and higher end Samsung phones are the Androids with the best cameras (every bit as good as iPhones in my experience).

Google’s Pixels and Motorola phones both offer Portrait mode. Samsung phones do as well, though Samsung refers to it as “Live Focus”. You might look around here to see what’s possible with various Androids that work with Republic:

My instinct is coming from an iPhone, a Google Pixel series phone would be the best fit for you.

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