Considering moving to Moto G Stylus 2020 from Moto X4... moving SIM card before transferring data?

I’m a long time Republic Wireless user.

I have a Moto X4 that I’ve just about maxxed out (it has only 32 GB internal storage and is full).

I’m considering switching to a Moto G Stylus 2020 phone (the newer 2021 phone is larger than the 2020 phone… too large for me).

I have the following questions:

  1. I’d like to transfer all the info from the X4 to the Stylus phone. But to do so, do I move the SIM card from the X4 to the Stylus phone BEFORE I attempt to move my data or AFTER?

  2. Are the SIM cards identical in size between the X4 and Stylus phones?

  3. I want to stick to Moto phones since I’m familiar with them. I love being able to shake the flashlight ON without having to bring up the screen first. Are there any other phones that allow the flashlight to be turned on without having to first bring up the screen? I use the flashlight frequently and it’s so handy to just be able to chop-chop and there it is… without having to wake the phone up.

  4. Finally, if anyone reading this has a Moto G Stylus 2020 phone, I’d sure like to read your thoughts regarding the Stylus phone. Thanks!

I have a Moto G Stylus 2020 phone. I did a review of it here after having it for 6 months.

After almost 1 year of heavy use with my phone, I still have 63.33gb free of internal memory, and I haven’t had to worry (yet) about erasing some of my data so my phone’s storage wouldn’t be full. I haven’t had to move things to a memory card because of limited space issues on my phone as well.

I like my phone’s camera, too. I have a slight crack on my phone that I can’t feel with my finger; if I didn’t have a case, I bet I would probably already have to replace my phone based on how I drop it. I got the crack I believe when I think I dropped my phone on a rocky are (if I’m not mistaken).

Wow. I just learned something new from you. Sure enough, this works on my 2020 Moto Stylus G.

By the way, I typically just use my stylus pen for taking screenshots; I don’t use it for much of anything else. I some children like drawing on my phone with that stylus pen, though. I like that my phone lets me know when the stylus pen isn’t in it’s place. That has helped me not loose the pen.

Hey man, thanks for the prompt reply to my questions re the moto g stylus 2020.

I drop my phone a lot and will have to definitely get a good case for it. My X4 would have never lasted as long as it has without the case.

Yes, that chop-chop motion is great. I tried out a Samsung Galaxy S10e and I had to wake the phone up before I could use the flashlight. I never knew how much I liked the Moto chop-chop until i didn’t have it. I sent the Samsung back.

Thanks again… and if you have any more comments about using the Moto G Stylus, let me know… thanks!

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I’m sure I’m going to be using this feature a lot now. This has definitely made me like Moto phones even more.

I had my 2020 Moto G Stylus on battery saver mode I think when it was at a 100% charge. It’s interesting to see how much charge is still left in it. I saw this tonight, and I thought you would like to see a screenshot of it. I got this phone on January 10, 2021, so after roughly 1 year of usage, my phone definitely still has some battery life left in it.

I’ve had the Moto G Stylus 2020 for a little over a year and my only complaint is that at maximum brightness in direct sunlight I really can’t see it very well, but I’m not sure other phones do much better (?). It seems like a well built phone, and I tested that at least twice while riding my bike when I tried to use it and threw it in the ditch instead. Maybe you have to throw it just right to get it to break, but it’s working great, and I plan to give it to my wife, who will have the exact same problem of transferring her Moto G3 data/stuff over to it. I’m not an expert, but my working theory is that Google will do that for us (using clouds and magic), and that it doesn’t matter whether either one is an activated phone or not, they just need WiFi…

Thanks for the brief review of the moto g stylus. Regarding the readability of the screen in sunlight, I think that may be an issue with lots of phones.
I always get a protective case for my phone. Phones always look so great when you get a new one…but with glass front and back it’s bound to get scratched after so many drops…and I drop my phone a lot.
Thanks again for the review.

Another one is the rock-the-boat motion to go directly from a sleeping phone to the camera. Do all phones have this? I hope not, it makes me feel like I have something other people want.

I think that wrist rotation move for the camera is one of the “Moto Gestures” that most Moto phones have. I’ve used just the flashlight chop-chop gesture, but I should try out the others.

I started with Republic on the 2.0 Refundable plan with a Moto X2, then moved to the 3.0 MyChoice plan with a Moto X4, and just a couple weeks ago, moved to the Moto G Stylus 2021 (yes, the screen is scary large). Assuming the 2020 is very similar to the 2021, with exception to the screen size and a couple minor changes, here are the answers to your questions:

The SIM cards are identical in size.

Everyone is jealous of my chop-chop flashlight. People are always asking me what kind of phone I have strictly because of this option. I believe it is a feature of all Moto phones.

This was my procedure. I removed the Republic 3.0 MyChoice SIM card from my Moto X4. I opened the box and unwrapped the Stylus. I inserted the SIM card into the Stylus. I put the Stylus into a case. I powered on the Stylus. It immediately asks for your Google login credentials, and if you want to restore your data. I said Yes. On the phone’s main screen, most of the apps are gray as they begin to download updates from the Google Play Store. I went into the Google Play Store and forced it to update the Republic Wireless app. Once it finished updating, and my phone continued to restore my data, I opened the Republic Wireless app. It pretty much immediately recognized me and my phone number, so then it prompted me to restart the phone to activate. I restarted it, even though Google was still trying to restore my data and apps. Turned it back on, I was full activated, and Google continued to restore my data. Once Google Play finished, I went into the system settings to start the process (you’re going to have a long one since you’re a 2020) of downloading and restarting, downloading and restarting, downloading and restarting all of the Android updates and security patches.

I did encounter one problem. I was upgrading two Moto X4s to Stylus 2021s. My husband’s Stylus worked flawlessly. After about a week or so, my phone would randomly shut off, especially while it was charging, causing me to miss my alarm every morning. It was also fairly warm to the touch. Because my husband’s phone was fine, I deduced that I probably received a phone with a defective battery. So I had to exchange for a replacement. My replacement now works flawlessly, or at least it has been for the past month. I just had so much “fun” restoring and updating 3 phones last month.

Abby’s…many thanks for the review of your moto g stylus…even though it’s the 2021 model. I agree that they should be similar. And thanks for the tips on moving my stuff from the X4 to the stylus.
I haven’t pulled the trigger yet on the 2020 stylus yet. The reason why is the size of the stylus phone. It’s about 10mm longer than the X4. Sure wish Motorola made a smaller phone… I’d buy it if they did.
I’ve looked at the Pixel 4a… very compact and comes with lots of ram and storage…but it’s $150+ more expensive…and I have to draw the line somewhere.
Thanks again. Republic rocks!

Abbyd… have you used the stylus at all? If so, how did you use it/for what did you use it?
I’ve never used a stylus before… but it would be cool to write a text message using the stylus.
Thanks for any comments.

For the most part, I don’t use the stylus. Like you, I valued storage and RAM. As time goes on, the Android system and apps keep getting heavier, and the phones with more storage and RAM just last longer. The other Moto phones compatible with the 4.0 MyChoice plans value battery over storage and RAM, which was my only reason for choosing the Moto Stylus. I watched a couple YouTube videos on the Stylus to get some ideas for using the stylus. Drawing on screenshots is helpful. During a group conversation, a friend was trying to explain to the group a medication schedule, but the group couldn’t understand which hour to take which medication. He said it would be easier to understand if you just “write it out”. Well guess who had a drawing device available for him to show the group? It’s also handy if you need to draw the dimensions of a room and take it with you to IKEA, or write a quick shopping list if you’re not a talk-to-text person. I mostly use it when I need precision tapping. There’s a crossword game that I like to play, and it’s easier to hit the letters with the stylus. I have not sent text messages with it because I am not a Swyper, and I find that I type faster with 2 thumbs over one pen. Fat fingers do tend to make mistakes, but then again, my screen is the size of a dang tablet, so I make less mistakes :). If my next phone doesn’t come with a stylus, it won’t be a deal-breaker for me.

Excellent! Thanks for the input on the stylus.
I just pulled the trigger and ordered the 2020 moto g stylus direct from Motorola.

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Update on Moto G Stylus 2020:

I ended up returning the Moto G Stylus 2020 back to Motorola.
WHY? It is simply too big. I commented to Motorola that the phone is nice but too big for my tastes. But I told them if they made a smaller phone I’d buy it. My current phone is a Moto X4… but I have maxxed it out.

So…I’m trying out a Samsung Galaxy S10e…again. It’s a bit smaller than the Moto X4… which is great.
I’ll miss some of the stuff that is Moto…

Any phone being define by a stylus is going to be big as they a phablets more than phones

Good point… realizing that, I looked at the sizes and weights of the G power, G plus, and G fast phones, and they were of similar size and weight of the stylus. My hands aren’t small but not big either.
Thanks for the input!

I currently own the Moto G Stylus 2020, and the newer Moto G Stylus 5G is even bigger. There’s definitely a trend towards bigger, mostly in height, phones, and I would like to think that 6.5 inches is some kind of limit, probably dictated by human pants pockets, or the human hand. Anyway, here is a resource that I use a lot when checking specifications like sizes, etc:

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That’s a great website…lots of good info!