Considering ordering a phone directly from Motorola, how can I tell if it's compatible with Republic Wireless?

I’m thinking about ordering a Moto G Power directly from Motorola. The Republic Wireless website says that I have to get the model XT2041-4 but I cannot find the model number on the Motorola website. How can I know if it will be compatible with Republic Wireless service?

The phone I’m considering buying is at the link below ↓

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Good Morning @grampa,

Republic is fastidious about documenting bring your own phone model requirements, in part, because Republic cannot know which third party retailer one might choose to acquire a phone. In the case of Motorola’s U.S. website, so long as one matches the model itself (for example Moto G Power) and one selects unlocked if a choice is offered, one need not be concerned with the model number or software channel. Motorola sells the correct variant for Republic compatibility.

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